Writing progress

Finished the rewrite on the Science Fiction piece. Finally. Normally I like to do a rewrite as soon as I get all of the critiques in so the ideas and comments are fresh and percolating in my head. But this one I had to sit on for a while. I got so tired of looking at it I couldn’t bear the idea of cracking it open one more time.

But enough is enough. I finished my statistical analysis of peoples’ comments, jogging old thoughts on plans for my rewrite in the process, and then dove in.

The fork is more than stuck in; it’s jammed up to the hilt, quivering. I find myself wondering if I should have put in another flashback or more heavy-handed foreshadowing, even though I did flash and shadow in my rewrite, but I’m not going to second guess myself. I’m done with it. Done done done! And out it goes. Fwoosh.

Just in time too. My magic realismish piece comes up in the queue next week on Critters and I’m still wrangling with the Urban Fantasy. I’m glad I cleaned something off my plate.

On the Urban Fantasy front: 1000 more words. And some polishing. It’s falling into shape. I think. Rah.

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