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2000 words into a new children’s fairy tale. Started it today, and zero draft finished today. Gotta love it when the words flow like that. I had Matthew do first reader duties and will give it a re-write tomorrow based upon his suggestions. Then up into the Critters queue it goes.

Glad to have finished something. The novella is floundering and the short story that I’m within spitting distance of finishing just will not sing to me. Feeling my muse fragment has been frustrating. But something got finished. Whew.

Got the contract from the In the Outposts of Beyond anthology today via email. There was a typo in it (involving the pay rate, so it was rather important), so I queried the editor about fixing it. Haven’t heard back yet. And he spelled my name wrong in his initial salutation to me, but spelled it right everywhere else. Urg. Makes me nervous whenever I see my name misspelled. I mean, one of the big things I’m going for here is seeing my name in print. It would be terribly depressing if the damn thing weren’t spelled right.

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  1. mouseferatu says:

    “It would be terribly depressing if the damn thing weren’t spelled right.”

    I hear ya. I had the same fear. It’s odd, given how simple “Ari Marmell” is, but you’d be astounded how many people can’t seem to spell it. This is more prevelent when I’ve simply told people how to do so, but it happens even after some people see it written. Odd.

    Also understand your frustration. The closer I get to the end of this novel, the harder each remaining chapter is to write. I’ve got three chapters and an epilogue left, and it feels weightier than when I had the whole book to do. Sigh…

    (But then, I’m thinking that bitching about a paid novel gig may not go over well as an attempt to express sympathy…) 😉

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