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Ann Crispin called last night asking me to reprise my “The Secret to Having your Short Fiction Published” guest lecture for her Beginner Writers workshop at Dragon*Con. So now my tentative D*C guest schedule looks like this:

  • Thursday noon – Ann Crispin’s Beginner Writers workshop, "The Secret to Having your Short Fiction Published."
  • Friday 9/2, 8:30PM – "Censorship: Who should decide what’s appropriate for kids or teens to read?"  With Kathleen David, Jo Sherman, and Todd McCaffrey.
  • Saturday 9/3, 1:00PM – "So, You Want to Write a Kid's Book."  With Kathleen David, Jo Sherman, Donita K. Paul, and Paul Alan Gratz.
  • Saturday 9/3, 8:30PM – "Fairy Tales: Not Made for Children."  With Dennis Keppel, Heidi Heiner, and Jo Sherman.
  • Sunday 9/4, 10:00AM – "Urban Fantasy and Faeries. " With Phil Brucato, Scott Haven, and Jo Sherman

Oof. Busy schedule. I may need to beg out of one of these so I can attend my DC2K writers group annual reunion dinner. ‘Cept I don’t know what day that’s been scheduled for yet.

I was looking over my notes from the talk I did last year for Ann, and I’d like to update the content, but I’m not sure what I should add. So here’s a shiny poll for all you writers out there:

Trying to hold off the obligatory panic attack at the notion of speaking in public, but I feel the sharp anxiety claws beginning to dig in. Gleep.

In other, non-panic-attack-inciting news, I had a very good sales day yesterday.
56-day SALE to the Thou Shalt Not anthology–my second to this project. Very pleased ’bout this as I wrote both flash stories expressly for it.
63-day SALE to the premiere issue of Fantasy Magazine, slated to debut at the World Fantasy Convention in November. It promises to be a beautiful production. Here’s a mock-up of the cover:

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37 Responses to Writing Stuff

  1. affinity8 says:

    Congrats on the sales! Amd that’s a very pretty cover.

  2. tstauffer says:

    I’m not going to be able to go to the workshop. Very little money this year. I may just go Saturday and leave it at that since I can’t afford a room. Good luck on your speech. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. 🙂 I look forward to seeing you and Matt at the con.

  3. terracinque says:

    Trying to hold off the obligatory panic attack at the notion of speaking in public

    And who can blame you? All those strangers in a room…

  4. pleroma says:

    Still a bit bummed I missed the cutoff date by a day or two.

    Either way, you’ll give a kick ass presentation!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks, Dude. Yeah, I wish you could’ve gotten in too. It’s a good workshop, and I wouldn’t have minded a friendly face in the audience . . .

      Well, there’s always next year.

  5. cmpriest says:

    YOU will be just fine. You always are 😉

  6. aimeempayne says:

    Congrats on the sales. Now I can doubly look forward to the premier of Fantasy Magazine

  7. palmerwriter says:


    Wow, Eugie. You’re D*C schedule sounds intense, though it is about the same number of panels as I am on. Sadly, no writing panels, as I am but a lowly nonfiction hack, but hopefully that will soon change. See you at the con.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Dragon*Con

      Heh. The panels wouldn’t be a biggie except that I’m having to schedule my Daily Dragon director/editor duties around my guest stints.

      What’s your panel schedule looking like? Definitely swing by Hyatt 219 to say “hi”!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Dragon*Con

        What’s your panel schedule looking like?

        Few and far between. Here’s what’s on tap:

        1pm Sci-fi of the 50’s-60’s Hong Kong
        5:30pm Lost in Space Vs. Star Trek: Hong Kong
        The Final Showdown
        7pm The Future of the Star Trek Franchise Baker

        Sunday is still up in the air, but I probably won’t be able to attend. I’m also scheduled on a Charmed panel Monday, but I have to work.

        Definitely swing by Hyatt 219 to say “hi”!

        I certainly will. See you there!

  8. gardenwaltz says:

    Congrats on another sale, and that is one AMAZING cover. i hope they do well.

  9. That “YES!” means anything and everything.

  10. whitecrow0 says:

    Oooh I’d love to sit in on the urban fantasy and fairies panel. :}
    (Sorry, I have no advice…)

  11. Mega-congrats on the multi-sales!

    I thought about answering your poll, but it was too difficult without knowing the level of the writers involved in the class. If by “beginning” they mean they’ve never submitted anything anywhere yet, formatting, how to do a cover letter, how not to deal with editors — all of that would be good and useful. But on the other hand, sez Libra, if by “beginning” they mean just not published yet, that opens up a whole new can of worms. In that case, the best thing to do is take questions from the participants, and try and be a “submission doctor” to figure out what they’re doing wrong. Maybe they’re not targeting the right markets, maybe they’re ignoring submission guidelines, maybe they’re sending their stories out before they’ve been thoroughly revised and polished.

    As Deep Thought said, “Hmm. Tricky.”

    Good luck!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yep yep. I’m allowing ’bout half an hour for questions. Last year I gave them more, and I’m incorporating some of the questions into the content of my talk. If previous experience is anything to go by, the range of “beginner” will be all across the board.

  12. raecarson says:



  13. Congrats x 2!
    Woo! Woo!

  14. lanyn says:

    Major congrats on the two sales! That mock-up cover to Fantasy looks great. And you’ll do awesomely on your panel once you get there. It’s keeping the nerves at bay until then that’s the hard part. I have yet to find a solution to nerves, but I think extra skunk-therapy is required for you! 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks! And I’m way ahead of you on the “extra skunk therapy” front. Hobkin’s currently curled up at my side, oozing serenity and tranquility. It helps that he’s just had a big breakfast, of course.

  15. Eugie, you are a great speaker with a great insight and lots to share with a group. I really enjoyed your panels last year. If you have to bow out of one (or more), I totally understand, although I enjoy the fireworks between you and Donita. There are only so many hours in a day. You know I’ll be in and around 219 in the evenings “helping” Jason and Sara or just leaning over the balcony.

    See you soon. Have a cocktail. calmblueocean.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I’m greatly looking forward to doing your panels again. They were an absolute blast, even the ones with Donita and me going toe-to-toe. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m still all trembly and anxious, but, well, thanks.

      See you soon!

  16. Congratulations! The cover of Fantasy Magazine is gorgeous.

    Could you point me towards a link for the submission guidelines? Fantasy Magazine isn’t listed in Writers Market yet, and googling “fantasy magazine” is…a nightmare.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Currently, Fantasy Magazine is an invite-only venue. It doesn’t have a website yet, but there’s supposed to be one in the works. Currently if you want to preorder a copy of the first issue, there’s a link from the Prime Books website. Don’t know when the editor plans to open it up, submissions-wise.

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