Day 26: The Day Job is Totally Kicking My Ass…But I’m Still Writing

The 2011 Legislative Session is being a tricksy thing. Started out deceptively mild, but it’s shifted into full gear and is now thrashing my ass. Weekends and late nights galore.

This week looks to be pretty hellish. All the legislators are scrambling to get their bills introduced before Day 30, Crossover Day–when bills have to pass at least one chamber or be dropped–coming up next Wednesday.

Put aside the novel last week to work on another writing project, but just fired that baby off (it’s still in the glint-in-the-eye stage, so I can’t say more about it). Now getting ready to pick Dragon Queller back up. Overall, words-per-day dropping to less than 500, but the important thing is to keep chugging away. Right? Right??


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2 Responses to Day 26: The Day Job is Totally Kicking My Ass…But I’m Still Writing

  1. Janice Clark says:

    Good you’re still writing. The day job will calm down eventually.

  2. Eugie Foster says:

    Very true. And I can almost count down the days until it will, although the countdown is a bit tentative as they’ve only got the schedule set out through Day 34 (3/28) out of 40. Waiting is. Or something…

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