All about the writing

I finally heard from my editor at Tangent! Whew. He’s a bit swamped and is slow at responding to email, but reviews are still going up in a timely manner. So, my review of “On Display Among the Lesser” by Carol Emshwiller in Sci-Fiction is up at Tangent. Rah.

Also managed 800 new words on the vague current effort. My muse is petulant and surly.

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  1. skeletal504 says:

    don’t you hate it when your muse chooses the most inopportune moments to be silent? i admire you for finding the time to sit down and write. it’s hard for me to do that, at the moment. usually i’ll just consume a can or two of red bull and chug on through the night… i lose sleep, but at least i accomplish something.

    good luck!

  2. Anonymous says:


    Well now, this link seemed to work a tad better!!


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