And the back-and-forth continues

Hobkin appears to be on the mend. He ate his dinner, midnight snack, and breakfast with good appetite. Although he’s still finicky. Over time he’s been gradually reducing the type of veggies he’s willing to eat. Sigh. But at least he’s eating without veterinary intervention.

Watched The Jackal last night. Dry but interesting. The ending was awfully sudden. And there really wasn’t anyone to root for, except maybe the detective that was called in to help catch the assassin. Except he had such limited screen time, it was hard to get a feel for his POV. Glad to have seen it as it’s one of those “must see” films, but not clamoring to repeat the experience.

Also watched Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry which was funny in a matter-of-fact, vaguely macabre sort of way. Apparently it tanked when it first came out because people expected a Hitchcock movie to be a thriller, but I wish he’d done more comedy.

Writing stuff:

Watching the Abyss & Apex submission commentary at the Rumor Mill. They apparently had some major gremlin-in-the-server email issues. So, jumping on the wagon, I queried the editor about a submission of mine they’ve had since March.

Probably should re-query Neo-opsis as the “if you haven’t heard from us by this date drop us an email” date has passed a la my last communication with them. They seem pretty cool about being queried. Maybe I’ll give them another couple days before I pester them . . .

After the flurry of rewrite and marketing activity last week, I find myself suddenly high and dry. Muse conspicuously absent. No rewrites to work on. Dangit.

Did a little critiquing in order to pretend I was doing something productive on the writerly front, but it’s an unsatisfying substitute. Maybe it’s time to crank out another folk tale. I keep dwelling on my longer fiction goals, but it seems to inhibit me from producing anything which is all bad.

I’m beginning to Jones for another sale. It’s been over a month since my last one. *twitch*

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