Art Show, B&N, Casablanca

Went to Robert Walker’s son’s art opening last night. It was way cool. I’d never been to the Dragon & Phoenix before. It’s a huge new-agey bookstore with candles and incense and neat crafty stuff in it. Aside from re-meeting Robert Walker (and having him take my picture), I also had a chance to gab with renowned author Mitchell Graham and his lovely fiancĂ©e. They live just fifteen minutes or so away in Marietta! Hope to get a chance to chat with them again sometime soon.

I was rather in awe of the august company I was in, what with Robert having so many books out and Michell talking about his book deal with Spielberg and how he was being courted by Putnam or Harper-Collins and whatnot. Sigh. One day I too will have a mega book deal with a major publishing house . . . yeah, right.

So, to bolster my ego, afterward we drove to Barnes & Noble where I zipped to the SF shelves to hunt for Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown. And there it was! Nestled between Orson Scott Card’s Wyrms and Enchantment! Of course, I did what any writer would do and pulled it from its spine-showing configuration and turned it face-out so I could admire it properly. It really does have a beautiful cover.

My first book presence at a major brick-n-mortar bookstore. I feel like I should’ve brought a camera. Warm-glowyness.

Went home then and watched one of Matthew’s birthday DVDs: Casablanca. That movie really is amazing. It gets better and better each time I see it and find something new to admire.

A very nice Saturday. Today, I think there will be vegging on the couch. I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday and we ate half of them. I believe that makes us obligated to eat the other half today.

It’s turning out to be a very nice weekend. Too short, of course, but aren’t they always?

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  1. soyfaerie says:

    Whoops, sorry, that was me…I was doing a layout for my friend’s journal and forgot to switch names before I commented in your journal hehe.

  2. Wow! Sounds like you had a very cool evening!

    The Phoenix & The Dragon is one of my favorite places to just drift around and be. Not to mention all the cool things everywhere. And the kitties!

    Mmm… I think it’s definately imparative that you eat the other half of the chocolate chip cookie batch today. Otherwise, they might get umm… stale, yes that’s it! Then well, they would not have fulfilled their chocolate chipy goodness potential! You wouldn’t want the cookies to have to explain to other cookies why they weren’t consumed while they were still in their prime, now, would you?


  3. puskunk says:

    That is tres cool you are in a B&N! I’ll have to go buy a copy next week!

  4. terracinque says:

    Play it, Sam.

    It’s my very favorite movie. I have the DVD, and watch it several times a year.

  5. tardis_chan says:

    Mmmmm…freshly baked Sunday cookies! Yay!

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