Coming home to strangeness

Well, I got home today and there was nice news and crappy news.

The crappy news was that our Honda Prelude broke down while Matthew was driving it to the grocery store. Fortunately, it broke down like a block away, so it wasn’t much of a trek for him to come back home. We’ve got towing insurance too, so we’re having it towed gratis to the dealer to get it fixed. But it will undoubtedly cost $$ to get it fixed. Crappola.

The nice news is that I was surfing the blog of the editor of Eggplant Productions, and she was talking about the covers of the ELP library works. She mentioned that she asked John Savage of Rumor Mill lawyer fame to create a cover for one of the entries. And the one he did was my piece, “Troubadour and the Moon.”

So I got a sneek peek of the artwork:

Neat. But our car is still broke, goddamit.

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