Convention Schedules: Faerie Escape Atlanta and Dragon*Con

Got my schedules for both Faerie Escape Atlanta, which is this weekend, and Dragon*Con (Sept. 3 – 6):

Faerie Escape

  • Friday 8/13, 7:00 PM – “Gathering of the Summer Court” in the hotel lobby.
  • Saturday 8/14, 4:30 PM – “Seeing Through Enchanted Eyes” How do you awaken your imagination into another world? How do you bring a world to life through paint, film, photography or words? With John Bridges, Orion Foxwood, Stu Jenks, and Lisa Stock in Piedmond.
  • Sunday 8/15, 1:00 PM – “Servitude, Kidnapping and Adventure: Into the Other Place” When do people enter into Faerie and why? Once they do, what awaits them? With Bill Bridges, Ellen Kushner, Larissa Niec, and Delia Sherman in Chastain.


  • Friday 9/3, Noon: Guest lecture for Ann Crispin’s Beginner Writers Workshop, “Marketing Short Fiction.”
  • Saturday 9/4, 1:00 PM – “Outside Our Shores” There are lots of influences on SF and fantasy these days, not just American/Western. Greenbriar (Hyatt).
  • Sunday 9/5, 6:00 AM – “Live Hugo Awards Breakfast” Join Hugo Award nominees at Kafe Köbenhavn to listen to the results come in live, direct from the Hugo Ceremony in Melbourne, Australia*.
  • Sunday 9/5, 11:30 AM – “What Women Want” What women want to see in their genre reading. Greenbriar (Hyatt)

Hope to see folks!

And, now that I’m swamped to my eyeballs, I’ve decided to rev up The Stupid Novel effort again. Yep, I only seem to be able to write when I’ve got too many hamsters in the air. My brain hates me, and my muse is a sadistic harlot.

*Yes, that’s 6 o’clock in the morning. The time zone difference between Atlanta and Australia is going to slay me. But it’s not like I’d be able to sleep then anyway. Hell, I’m already losing sleep now, twitching about the Hugos.

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