Hobkin Update, Morning in the Running for Least Fun Evah

Thanks to everyone for all the support and get well soon thoughts for Hobkin!

Hobkin slept with me for most of the night and is doing reasonably well, probably better than fosteronfilm, actually. Since I’m in session, Matthew stayed up to watch over the lil guy for the second night/day in a row (my husband’s circadian rhythms are whack) and has been doing all the other caretaker duties so that I can get what sleep I can. Hence, Matthew’s low on sleep and a bit ragged around the edges from these last couple days.

It’s such a blessing that he can be there 24×7 at times like these, but it’s also less than optimal because Hobkin is really a mommy’s boy, and I can do things with him that no one else can—like force feed him meds. Did I mention that after the first dose of amoxicillin, the silly beastie decided he no longer considers it a nummy treat? Sigh. Not sure how my boys are going to fare come Hobkin’s afternoon med. time. I anticipate a pink, sticky mess…pinker and sticker than the one he and I made this AM.

Another reason to nominate this morning as Least Fun Evah: the East/West MARTA rail lines weren’t working when I arrived at Five Points station. They were busing people to their East/West destinations, but from Five Points, once I get off the Northbound, I just transfer to the Eastbound for one stop to get to the capitol. So it’s walking distance. Rather than deal with the bus, I set out to hoof it…in the breezy, blustery cold. And I started off in the wrong direction (of course). Fortunately, the capitol sits at the top of a hill and is crowned by a shiny, gold dome. Hard to miss. Even for someone as directionally challenged as me.

Walked in the door at work to a rush bill. Off and editing while I still couldn’t feel face or fingers and not only hadn’t I even tasted my coffee, I hadn’t even poured it yet. But things are slowing down a bit now. Thankfully. But I’m really not going to be at my best today.

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4 Responses to Hobkin Update, Morning in the Running for Least Fun Evah

  1. samhenderson says:

    I hope Hobkin has a quick recovery!

  2. threeoutside says:

    It’s so hard to go to work when your baby is sick. 🙁

    Hope things go well and he’s feeling better by the time you get home! And extra hugs for Matthew for being such a good dad.

  3. So sorry that Hobkin has been under the weather. You all take care, now, and try not to be blown away heading for downtown instead of the Capitol.

    Sending best good-well wishes Hobkin’s way!

  4. Poor Hobkin! Get well soon, Little Guy!

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