(pre-)Halloween shindig

dude_the flew in (flappity) for the traditional Halloween shindig at chez Foster’s, joined by Patrick and Christie on Friday and Saturday. And the current pulp/camp theme of my life continues. We watched such classics as Fright Night, The House of Frankenstein, and all of the Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace series.

And, of course, there were costumes:


dude_the and Christie

fosteronfilm and me

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7 Responses to (pre-)Halloween shindig

  1. yukinooruoni says:


    That monkey suit looks *hot* (as in temp).

    Awesome costumes 🙂

  2. lizziebelle says:

    Fabulous costume! Corsets are all the rage this year. *g*

  3. GREAT costume, Eugie!!!! 😀

  4. orig_ladycat says:

    Looks and soundslike fun!

  5. pabba says:

    Hee…SuperPimp! Awesome costumes all around. 🙂

  6. dean13 says:

    FosterOnFilm looks devilish as Super-Pimp. And you look smashing in your corset, though it probably makes breathing and bending difficult. Hmmm… to think women and men used to wear those contraptions everyday!

    Looking at Paul’s costume I am overwhelmed by a sensation of deja vu. But, eh, great costumes are worth repeating. Say, did Patrick make that gorilla suit himself? Eh, I would guess he came across it while he was working at the Goodwill second-hand thrift store, but who knows with Patrick.

    The party looks like it was a smash!

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