Stem Cell Transplant: Day 1

In the process of checking into Emory hospital after a long wait–as per usual–for them to clear out a bed, find me a room, generally get all the paperwork squared away.

Tonight’s med schedule is a two-hour infusion of carmustine. Of note, carmustine needs to be administered via an 8% alcohol solution. Yep, I’m getting booze. By IV.

Some of the side effects include a flushed, red face and sense of warmth. Ya think?? I haven’t had alcohol in over a year, and even when I was having the occasional cocktail or glass of wine, I had no alcohol tolerance.

Gonna be a party in my hospital room tonight.

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16 Responses to Stem Cell Transplant: Day 1

  1. Nivair says:

    I also have zero alcohol tolerance, haha. Good luck! Thinking of you, directing strength at your books on my shelves. 😉

  2. Sherry Decker says:

    Still praying, Eugie.

  3. Kenny says:

    Party on, I meant .

  4. Jenn M says:

    A free drink is the least that you are owed for all of this BS. Putting on a party hat tonight in your honor.

  5. E Krock says:

    Thinking about it: you used chemical weapons, then you used a nuclear weapon, and now you’re finishing with a biological weapon. Will pray that this completely annihilates any remaining holdout cells after the barrage. Well done!

  6. threeoutside says:

    Best wishes beaming your way from Omaha! Party on! *clink*

  7. Martin says:

    Drinking cancer under the table: hope that works ;-).

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