Stem Cell Transplant Day 18 (Day +11)

We’re engrafting, yay! My white cell counts, while still critically low, are beginning to rise. I’m also getting fevers, but not the stupid human suit kind, but rather the sort typically associated with stem cell engrafting.

My blood pressure tanked last night to the point of me standing in my room confused, trying to figure out how to work the soap dispenser. After that, they turned on the bed alarm, so I can’t get up without someone there to assist me. I feel rather silly about it.

In other news, my GI tract is still in the process of rebooting, which is extremely uncomfortable. Food is primarily liquid still.

Slept almost the whole day yesterday. This stem cell growing is exhausting.

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2 Responses to Stem Cell Transplant Day 18 (Day +11)

  1. threeoutside says:

    Yay for grafting! Go, little stem cells, go! And yay! For sleeping through as much of the awful parts as you can. *hugs* sweetie

  2. Debbie says:

    Great! Keep grafting, stem cells, keep grafting! And keep sleeping as much as you can , Eugie dear. Wishing you a swift recovery.

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