Caffeine withdrawal, bad traffic, and an “edit off”

So, I’m trying to shake my caffeine addiction since I’m not real keen on being addicted to anything. Plus, I’m missing out on the fun when I slam mugs of coffee and I don’t get a zing. Yesterday was unpleasant. I started feeling groggy late in the morning, and the headache kicked in a little after lunch. I tipped over early last night, feeling pretty crappy. Don’t like losing an evening like that as I didn’t get any writing done. But, I am now feeling refreshed and awake. Although I still have a niggling caffeine headache. I suspect the big “caffeine now!” will start kicking in again in a couple hours, as that’s when I usually go for the java.

Wonder how long caffeine withdrawal symptoms last for. Sigh.

But still, this is better than when I quit smoking (I was fourteen and I still remember how wretched that was). Way better. Not exactly something I’d recommend for laughs and giggles, though.

And there’s something that’s really congesting the traffic for my morning commute. Usually, I can make it into the office in twenty-five minutes or less, but these last few days, the travel time’s just about doubled. And it’s both in-town and on 400. Humph.

Waking up earlier and/or staying later blows goat chunks.

On an up note, I heard from Planet Relish. I’m still in the running for the Fiction Editor position. It’s between me and another person. The publisher is having an “edit off” to see which of us will be the better fit. Slush reading, copyediting, and rejection letter writing (oh my)! Again, my geekness shines through. I think it’s going to be big fun.

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5 Responses to Caffeine withdrawal, bad traffic, and an “edit off”

  1. ex_girlmech says:

    Oh trust me – you do not want to quit caffeine. My dad quit for a month, and he was bitchy for WEEKS. Eventually he started drinking it again and was back to his happy old self.

    There are no side effects to being addicted to caffeine except the headache withdrawls. NONE.


    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oh, you evil caffeine temptress! Sigh. I couldn’t go cold turkey. I had a half a cup of coffee this afternoon. Perked me right up too! No headaches, chipper, alert.


      There are, unfortunately, side effects to caffeine. It lowers a person’s metabolism, like any stimulant administered over a prolonged period, and worse, it doesn’t give me zing unless I slam half a dozen shots of espresso where before I just needed a cup of regular. And apparently my muse needs the “up” to function.

      It’s so insidious!

  2. oracne says:

    Good luck with the editing!

  3. ex_girlmech says:

    off topic, but…
    do you have ICQ, MSN, AIM, or any of those fun timewasters on your computer? I’d love to chat with you sometime.

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