D*C staff meeting

Today’s the second Dragon*Con all-staff meeting. My staff roster is fubarred to hell. I’ve had several staff drop out, several new volunteers sign on, and I have no idea what my numbers look like anymore. Something I need to figure out before the meeting, obviously.

It’ll all work out. How? It’s a mystery.

Writing Stuff

Got an email from the editor of the Modern Magic anthology. He informed me that they now have the cover art by David Seidman for display:

Isn’t it gorgeous? And what’s even better, the editor and the artist want to put together an art book featuring the art from the anthology with a description of the artistic progress involved with each illustration. They also want to include an excerpt from each story to accompany the illustrations, and are paying $.03/word for it. Sweet!! More money for “Souls of Living Wood.” Happy.

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12 Responses to D*C staff meeting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Philadelphia skyline.

  2. Well, I’m still in and will be at the meeting this afternoon. So go me!

  3. cmpriest says:


  4. I’ll be there in spirit, milady. ^^

  5. jimhines says:

    I love this cover. My only nitpick would be to pick one or two fonts for the title text and stick with ’em.

    And extra money is always a nice bonus 🙂 Looking forward to reading your story!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yeah, I definitely see your point on the fonts issue. But I’m just so awed by the artwork, I’m willing to overlook minor graphic design boo-boos.

      And I’m definitely looking forward to reading your story as well!

  6. pyanfar says:

    doh. knew i was forgetting something yesterday. wanted to go to the meeting to find out if i really do want to volunteer this year…

  7. tstauffer says:

    I couldn’t attend the staff meeting because I was doing the kid graduating from high school thing. 🙁

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Kid graduating much more important than a D*C staff meeting! But if you’re still interested in volunteering, there’s another staff meeting in July. Hope to see you there!

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