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Hey all you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans! Take the poll for the Family Feud portion of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Game Show at Dragon*Con! Click on the link at the Daily Dragon!

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  1. terracinque says:


    I see the Daily Dragon needs staff.

    If I joined the Daily Dragon staff, would I get to wear a fedora with a card in the brim that says “Press?”

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you!

      If I joined the Daily Dragon staff, would I get to wear a fedora with a card in the brim that says “Press?”

      Actually, we need two staff members, but I’m hoping that will be able to join up. He’s checking logistics–roomies, etc.–before he can confirm. But to answer your question, if you were on the Daily Dragon staff, you would indeed get a PRESS ribbon which is usually intended to wave about at the base of your badge. But, if you had a fedora, you could stick it in the brim of that and thereby wear it around the convention. We might have to laminate it, though. Otherwise it’d flop about.

      You seriously interested?

      • terracinque says:

        My ribbon has never flopped about, I’ll have you know.

        But yes, I’m seriously interested.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          My ribbon has never flopped about, I’ll have you know.

          I bet that’s what you tell all the ladies.

          But yes, I’m seriously interested.

          Excellent. Well I know you can write from your credentials with the Puppetry Theater stuff. So basically, as I told , our staff duties are these:

          – Attend panels/events and do write-ups for them (between 250-500 words) for inclusion in the hard-copy and web version of the Daily Dragon. Also the occasional guest interview if you are so inclined.
          – Staff the desk.
          – Make schedule changes as submitted by the various heads of the programming tracks for inclusion in the hard copy and web site.
          – Misc. clerical/runner/go fer duties that crop up.

          Familiarity with MS Word and HTML/various HTML editors is a plus, but not essential.

          It’s actually a really sweet volunteer deal–at least I think so. You get worker credit for attending panels you were going to anyway, as well as a press ribbon (as previously discussed) and a backstage pass to all the big events (like the Dawn Look-Alike contest, and the Masquerade). We also share headquarters with Guest Services so we get to see all the celebrities as they check in and/or as they wander about looking for help or fun.

          Have you ever volunteered for D*C? If this is your first year, they’re asking for a $20 “good faith” badge fee. If you’ve volunteered in the past (without any smudges on your “record”), then your badge is free. If you’ve already purchased your badge for this year, we can get the excess refunded or do some dance or other with the registration folks to work things out.

          Oh, and all volunteers get a ticket to the Dead Dog party at the end of the convention where a lot of the celebs hang out too.

          Wanna commit to the position? Email me so I can get some more info from you, and if you have any questions. It’d be way cool to have you on board!

    • I say he gets kudos for the fedora, very swank. 🙂

  2. sylphon says:

    your wish is my command 🙂

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