2017 Eugie Award

The 2017 Eugie Award recipient: The City Born Great by N.K. Jemisin.

The finalists for 2017:

Thank you to those who nominated works for 2017, including: John Joseph Adams, Mike Allen, Morris Allen, Scott H. Andrews, Neil Clarke, Ellen Datlow, Wendy S. Delmater, Charles Coleman Finlay, Niall Harrison, Emily Hockaday, Dominik Parisien, Trevor Quachri, Mike Resnick, Scott Roberts, Jason Sizemore, Lynne M Thomas, Sean Wallace, Sheila Williams, Navah Wolfe.

Our 2017 team included: Davey Beauchamp, Divya Breed, Tina Connolly, Scott Hancock, Michael Fay, Amy Herring, Martin Leing, K. McLarin, James Nicoll, David Steffen, Alasdair Stuart, Debbie Yutko. And our judges: Alex Hofelich, Chesya Burke, And Lisa Yaszek. Also thanks to Addy Neilson who made the pins and plaque.

Matthew M. Foster–Chair

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