Joseph W. Dickerson and Ernie Saylor, editors of Aberrant Dreams, interviewed me for their “Reader’s Eye On . . .” column in their January ’06 (#6) issue. And I’m featured in their web comic, Slip of the Pen: “I’d Deconstruct That For a Dollar” (Dec. 21, 2005) and “Let Those Creative Juices Flow” (Jan. 25, 2006).
Amy Brozio-Andrews, Managing Editor, interviewed me for Absolute Write, June 2007.
click to see the cover art for Apex #2 Jason Sizemore, Editor/Publisher of Apex Magazine, interviewed me for the Summer ’05 (#2) issue.
Kim Colley interviewed me for the Apex Magazine May ’06 featured writer spotlight.
Maggie Slater interviewed me for issue #44 of Apex Magazine.
Simon Owens interviewed me for on December 16, 2005.
click to read the interview Armand Rosmalia, Editor/Publisher of Carnifex Press, interviewed me for the Carnifex Press website on November 23, 2005.
David Steffen interviewed me for Diabolical Plots.
I interviewed Andrea Kail for Fantasy Magazine, #6, Spring 2007.
Heidi Ruby Miller interviewed me for her Heidi’s Pick Six, April 4, 2007.
nebula awards Charles Tan interviewed me for the Nebula Awards, Oct. 03, 2006.
Kayelle Allen interviewed me for Romance Lives Forever, April 21, 2012.
Scott M. Sandridge interviewed me for SpecMusicMuse, Oct. 03, 2006.
I interviewed Steve Berman for Strange Horizons, Jan. 29, 2007.
Lynne Jamneck interviewed me for Strange Horizons, May 28, 2007.
I was interviewed by good friend and fellow DC2K writer, Suzanne Church, as part of her Elements short story collection blog tour swap, March 21, 2014.
Scott M. Sandridge interviewed me for his “Give it Meaning” column at The Sword Review, May 12, 2006.
UK SF Book News Sandy Auden interviewed me for the UK SF Book News Network, Oct 15, 2007.

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