Young Adult/Children’s Literature

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Click to see Cicada Jan/Feb 2003 cover The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile,” Cicada, Jan/Feb. 2002.
CICADA_MarchApril_2014sml Beautiful Winter,” (reprint) Cicada, March/April 2014.
Close to Death,” Shiny, #1, Sept. 2007.

an entertaining story with observations on life and death
—Shaun C. Green, The Fix

From the first issue my favorite was Eugie Foster’s “Close to Death”, a lighthearted piece about a literal encounter with Death on an Atlanta freeway.
Rich Horton

Cricket November-December 2008 cover Cuhiya’s Husband,” Cricket, Nov/Dec. 2008.
Cricket_Feb2012_cvrsmlCricket_Mar2013_cvrsml The Girl Who Drew Cats,” Cricket.

  • Part I: February 2013
  • Part II: March 2013
Kaawwa, Naagan, and the Queen’s Diamond Necklace,” Dragonfly Spirit, March 2006.
The King of Rabbits and Moon Lake,” Cricket, April 2006.
Li T’ien and the Demon Nian,” Cricket, Jan. 2006.
A Patch of Jewels in the Sky,” Dragonfly Spirit, June 2006.
Princess Bufo marinus, Also Known as Amy” in YA anthology Magic in the Mirrorstone, Steve Berman (ed.), Mirrorstone Books, February 2008.
cricket cover jan 2011Cricket February 2011cricket march 2011 coverApril 2011 Cricket Cover The Princess and the Golden Fish,” Cricket.

  • Part I: January 2011
  • Part II: February 2011
  • Part III: March 2011
  • Part IV: April 2011
The Raven’s Brocade,” Cricket, Dec. 2007.
Razi and the Sunbird,” Cricket, Feb. 2005.
The Red String,” Cricket, Feb. 2012.
Click to go to Story Station Spring Arrives on a Hob’s Tail,” Story Station, Dec. 2005. FREE FICTION!
The Snow Woman’s Daughter,” Cricket, Feb. 2007.
Click to go to Story Station Second Daughter,” (reprint) Story Station, July 2004. FREE FICTION!
The Tanuki-Kettle,” Cricket, July 2007.
The Tax Collector’s Cow,” Spider, June 2006.
Cricket May/June 2014 cover The Tiger Fortune Princess,” (reprint) Cricket, May/June 2014.
The Tortoise Bride,” Cricket, Oct. 2009.
When Shakko Did Not Lie,” Cricket, Jan. 2008.

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