All My E-book Collections Now Available in Print: A Vampire Quintet, Returning My Sister’s Face, & Mortal Clay, Stone Heart

I’m trying out Amazon’s new CreateSpace program to make my e-book collections available in print in addition to as ebooks. Ergo, newly available as trade paperbacks:

Also, I’ve now acquired all print rights back from Norilana for Returning My Sister’s Face, so in addition to ebook royalties, I’m now receiving royalties for trade paperback and hardbound sales, too.

mortalclay_websml A Vampire Quintet Returning My Sister's Face

A Little Help From My Friends

Now that I’ve had a few days to deal with the first round of this c-word emotional roller coaster ride, I’ve started to dwell on other, more pragmatic, issues. Like OMG, how much is it going to cost to pay for my treatment and how the hell are we going to afford it?

Thankfully, we do have health insurance through my day job. But as I’ve commented upon occasion, it’s been steadily decreasing in quality, flexibility, and comprehensiveness of coverage while exponentially increasing in cost over the last several years. Likewise, due to state budget issues and the horrible economy, I haven’t received a cost of living increase–although I have been furloughed!–in the last four years. Bottom line is, the out-of-pocket cost is going to be quite steep, and we were already in pretty desperate financial straits before this happened.

So here’s the uncomfortable squirmy part. I really don’t like shilling myself, but as a writer, I’ve had do it on multiple occasions, and I hope you’ll forgive me for doing it now.

Folks have asked how they can help, and honestly, right now, the best and most appreciated way would be to encourage people to buy my ebooks or write a review on Amazon if they already have.

My Short Story Collections:

For folks who’ve bought print copies of Returning My Sister’s Face, thank you. However, something I haven’t mentioned publicly before is that I haven’t received royalties owed from Norilana, the publisher, for the last three years. Norilana is a small, indie publisher, and I know Vera has gone through a very rough time, which is why I haven’t felt it necessary to bring this information to light. Also, I did get ebook rights reverted, so I have been earning royalties on ebook sales of RMSF. But at this time, sales of either the hardbound or trade paperback versions won’t help my financial circumstances.

I have enrolled RMSF in the “Kindle Bookmatch” program so anyone who purchases or has previously purchased it as a print book from will be able to get the Kindle version for $2.99, which is $4.00 less than the normal list price of $6.99.

[Edit (11/2/2013): I’ve now acquired all print rights back from Norilana for my Returning My Sister’s Face collection, so in addition to ebook royalties, I’m now receiving royalties for trade paperback and hardbound sales, too.]

Individual Short Story ebooks ($0.99 each):

Thank you, everyone.

[Edit: For folks who have asked about my direct PayPal address, it’s: Thank you again. I’m utterly overwhelmed by the wave of support and kindness I’ve received.]

Crossing the Streams Book Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Alan Stewart and Christina Vasilevski, the winners of my portion of the Crossing the Streams contest!

They will each receive a signed copy of Returning My Sister’s Face.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I read every entry, and y’all sent me some truly fabulous and interesting answers. I hope this contest helped folks discover some great new authors to read.

Biba Jibun at Pseudopod and Adventures in E-book Publishing Update

First and foremost, “Biba Jibun” is now up at Pseudopod for your free listening pleasure, read by the talented Kara Grace. Enjoy!

Next, laid out in quasi-scientific fashion, an update on my foray into releasing some of my previously published and out-of-print short fiction as e-books: Continue reading

Thursday after CyberMonday Sale: Returning My Sister’s Face eBook for Only $2.99 (57% off)

Meant to put this up on CyberMonday, but apparently I overdid the festivities over the weekend and instead spent Monday on the couch in a zombie-like state of aches and groans. So to celebrate the Thursday after CyberMonday, I’m offering my Returning My Sisters Face and Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice ebook at
Smashwords for only $2.99 (normal price: $6.99).

Just take this link to RMSF’s Smashwords page and enter the coupon code below prior to completing checkout. Smashwords distributes ebooks in just about every format, including .mobi for Kindle.

Coupon Code: LA82X
Expires: January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

More information about RMSF.

The Shape of Things to Come: Science Fiction at Georgia Tech – Full Schedule

Received the final schedule for this Thursday’s (11/17) science fiction symposium, The Shape of Things to Come: Science Fiction at Georgia Tech, hosted by The School of Literature, Communication and Culture (Skiles Building, Room 002). My reading with Joe McDermott and Chesya Burke is schedule for 4:30 pm-6:00 pm. I’ll be reading “The Archer of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon,” one of the stories from Returning My Sister’s Face.  

The symposium is free to the public and promises to have heaps of interesting subject matter and discussion topics. Hope to see folks there! 
Continue reading

December Tanuki-Kettles

As I mentioned in a previous post, I contributed a story to the December Lights Project, an online compilation of uplifting and warm short stories. My story, “The Tanuki-Kettle,” is now up! This story was originally published in the July, 2007 issue of Cricket and was reprinted in my collection, Returning My Sister’s Face. Hope you enjoy it!

As a bit of festive synchronicity, Geoff and Anne got me a tanuki teakettle for Christmas! Continue reading

50% Off Coupon for Returning My Sister’s Face E-Book

Hope everyone’s holiday season is going fabulously! Got a holiday bargain for folks wanting to give the e-book of Returning My Sister’s Face as a gift or who just want to treat themselves: a 50% off coupon from Smashwords.

Just enter in the coupon code WC93X (not case-sensitive) before checkout and get Returning My Sister’s Face for $3.50! (Offer expires January 1, 2011.)

RMSF is available from Smashwords in every major e-book format, including MOBI (Kindle), PDB (Nook and Palm reading devices), LRF (Sony Reader), EPUB, and PDF.

Happy Holidays!

Returning My Sister’s Face E-book Now Available

Coming out a little earlier than expected, Returning My Sister’s Face is now available as an e-book in a myriad of formats. Just in time for holiday gift-giving! Buy it now for the low, low price of $6.99:

And for folks who still crave the feel of paper, it’s also available in hardcover and trade paperback:

Returning My Sisters Face and Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice