Fantasy Magazine Con Report: OutlantaConPart 1 (Fri), part 2 (Sat AM), and part 3 (Sat PM & Sun) in Fantasy Magazine, May 2009.
“‘Hell Notes’ by M.K. Hobson: An Appreciation by Eugie Foster” in David Schwartz’s ED SF Project, Dec. 2005.
Juggling Hamsters: Tips for the Busy Writer” (reprint) in Perspectives on Writing, Scott M. Sandridge (ed.), Double-Edged Publishing (forthcoming).
SFsignal Logo I was invited to be a panelist for SF Signal‘s Mind Meld feature, “The Forgotten Books of SF/F/H,” April 2009, and “The Perfect SF/F/H Books to Give to People Who Don’t Read SF/F/H,” May 2009.
Stuffing My Eyes with Wonder or Why I Write,” Jason Sizemore invited me to be a guest blogger at A Writer’s Vanity, May 17, 2006.
How to Deal with Racist and Sexist Material in Workshop: On navigating the workshop session (part 3)” in The WisCon Chronicles, Vol 2: Provocative essays on feminism, race, revolution, and the future, L. Timmel Duchamp & Eileen Gunn (eds.), Aqueduct Press, 2008.
IROSF Sub-Genre Spotlight: Cyberpunk,” Internet Review of Science Fiction, Dec. 2004.
“Ten Myths About Writing For Kids” in, Sept 2006; Absolute Write (reprint in two parts) Aug. 2007.
“When the Guidelines Say ‘7-12’: The Ages and Stages of Children’s Literature”, June 2006; Absolute Write (reprint) June 2007.
“A Writer’s Resolution: I Will Submit” (reprint) in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators New England NEWS, March/April 2011.
“Writing Multicultural Fiction for Children Pts 1 and 2 in, Oct. 2006; Absolute Write (reprint) April 28, 2008 (pt 1) & May 28, 2008 (pt 2).

I edit and write for the Daily Dragon (the official newsletter of Dragon*Con).

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