Addy in My Mind” in Helix, #3, Winter 2006; Transcriptase (reprint), July, 2008. FREE FICTION!
Beautiful Winter Beautiful Winter” in Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, #13, July 2009, with my author’s notes at the editor’s blog, Side-show Freaks.
Beauty’s Folly” in Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show, #5, July 2007, with my author’s notes at the editor’s blog, Side-show Freaks.
Apex Magazine April 2011 Cover Biba Jibun” in Apex Magazine, #23, April 2011.
Hub magazine A Box of Spoons” in Hub, issue #68, Oct. 29, 2008. FREE FICTION!

Foster’s characters are three-dimensional and sympathetic, and her writing lacks no polish

—Douglas Hoffman, The Fix

The Center of the Universe” in Helix, #5, Summer 2007; Transcriptase (reprint), July, 2008. FREE FICTION!

Received an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois.

Close to Death” in Shiny, #1, Sept. 2007.

an entertaining story with observations on life and death

—Shaun C. Green, The Fix

From the first issue my favorite was Eugie Foster’s “Close to Death”, a lighthearted piece about a literal encounter with Death on an Atlanta freeway.

Rich Horton

The Conviction of Praxis” in Spacesuits & Sixguns, #3, Summer 2007.
The Dragon’s Breath Seed” in Reflection’s Edge, July 2006. FREE FICTION!
The End of the Universe” in Darker Matter, May 2007. FREE FICTION!
Oceans of the Mind The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps” in Oceans of the Mind,“Tribute to the Pulps” Spring 2006, issue XIX.

“The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps” mixes elements from different genres, and while technology and urban guerrilla tactics certainly play a role in the action parts of this graphic story, it is the immortal fascination with vampires and the attractive, sensual imagery associated with them that captivates . . . reminiscent of one of David Cronenberg’s nightmarish scenes.

—Yael Artom, Tangent

Bards and Sages April '09 coverBards and Sages Quarterly cover, July 2009bards and sages oct09 coverbards and sages jan2010 cover Gifts Not Asked For” in Bards and Sages Quarterly.

  • Part I: The Horned Rabbit – April 2009
  • Part II: Flame Dancer – July 2009
  • Part III: Costs and Consequences – Oct. 2009
  • Part IV: The Temple of Mau and Part V: Healer’s Gift (conclusion) – Jan. 2010
Click to go to Abyss & Apex Inside the Witch’s Oven,” in Abyss & Apex, #9 part ii, May/June 2004.
An Interesting Week for Emmy” in Colin Harvey’s Another Showcase, Jan. 2004.
Kawwaa, Naagan, and the Queen’s Diamond Necklace” in Dragonfly Spirit, March 2006.
The Life and Times of Penguin” (reprint) Farrago’s Wainscot, Part III, Summer 2007. FREE FICTION!
Living with a Shoulder Monster” in Aberrant Dreams, July 2007. FREE FICTION!
Hub magazine The Music Company” in Hub, issue #26, Oct. 1, 2007. FREE FICTION!

Received an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: 21st Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow, Gavin Grant, and Kelly Link.

Nobodies and Somebodies” in Aberrant Dreams, issue #8, July 2006. FREE FICTION!

Foster effectively chronicles the protagonist’s transition to an alternate plane of existence which appears to parallel a descent into madness, but is in truth a heightened reality.

—Nicole McClain, Tangent

Only Springtime When She’s Gone” in Anaisdotmfk May 2005, premier issue; Neometropolis (reprint), issue #7; Apex Online, May 2005.
A Parade of Taylups” in Aberrant Dreams, January 2007. FREE FICTION!
A Patch of Jewels in the Sky” in Dragonfly Spirit, June 2006.
dsf_logo Requiem Duet, Concerto for Flute and Voodoo” in Daily Science Fiction, Sept. 2011.

Eugie Foster is one of the best writers of speculative short fiction currently working. She has great facility for language and structure, an ability to see beauty and terror in equal measure, and consistently crafts stories that are both harrowing and satisfying…”Requiem Duet, Concerto for Flute and Voodoo”…is a story about friendship and grief, about losing your heart to find it…You may cry at the end. You’ll be glad you read it.
Fantasy Matters

…a well-written and intriguing story, Foster’s skill as a writer draws the reader in to the emotional worlds of the characters. In short fiction it is often difficult for readers to have enough invested in the characters to care about them but Foster accomplishes this flawlessly.
—Michael K. Rose, Myriad Spheres

I first heard of Eugie Foster years ago. A friend told me he read the best story ever in a popular critique group. That story went on to win the Nebula in 2009. If “Requiem” is any indication on how well she writes, you can expect several more awards to come her way in the near future. The story was just plain dynamite. It is the best Friday story I have read at DSF yet. Recommended.
Diabolical Plots

Second Daughter” (reprint) in Song of the Siren, Jan. 2004; Story Station, July 2004; The Sword Review, #5, Aug. 2005; Her Circle Ezine, Fall 2006. FREE FICTION!
The Son that Pain Made” in Aberrant Dreams, issue #6, Jan. 2006.

Received an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2007: 20th Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow, Gavin Grant, and Kelly Link. (Then check out the”Son the Stain Made” series of the Aberrant Dreams web comic, Slip of the Pen.)

Eugie Foster’s darkly fantastic take on the origins of the vampire . . . This is a wonderful story, the other standout of the issue, along with Page’s Aihai. Foster is meant for great things.

—James Palmer, Tangent

Click to go to Story Station Spring Arrives on a Hob’s Tail” in Story Station, Dec. 2005. FREE FICTION!
Apex Magazine Aug. 2009 Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” (reprint) in Apex Magazine, Aug. 2009.

Winner of the 2009 Nebula Award for Best Novelette and nominated for the 2010 Hugo Award for Best Novelette.

Eugie Foster’s stunning novelette, “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” [originally published in Interzone] is the highlight of Apex Magazine’s August 2009 issue…Foster paints this uniquely imagined society in vivid hues, by turns beautiful and terrifying. She draws the reader in with lush descriptions and holds her by doling out tantalizing morsels just as the reader craves them. From its intriguing beginning to its shocking end, “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” is a gem not to be missed.

—Kimberly Lundstrom, The Fix

A gorgeous, dark and unexpectedly creepy story…With this tale Foster questions not just societal roles, but those of relationships, gender and caste as well. A highly recommended read.

—Michele Lee, BookLove

Click to see more

A Thread of Silk A Thread of Silk” in Jim Baen’s Universe, June 2008.

While this tale is grounded in the well-known story of Taira no Masakado, Foster skillfully slips this variation in between the cracks of the historical account and the subsequent legends, warping it in a different direction. The ending of the frame story delivers a strong final twist…RECOMMENDED

—Lois Tilton, The Internet Review of Science Fiction

Trixie and the Pandas of Dread” in Apex Magazine, #44, Jan. 2013. FREE FICTION!

My love for this story is white hot and burning like the sun. Trixie is a goddess of wrath, but she wasn’t born one and still struggles to reconcile her goddess-self with her mortal brain. Oh, and she smites jerks and assholes. And I love her.
—K. Tempest Bradford, io9

Beautifully written, and laugh-out-loud funny
—Adam Millard, This is Horror

It would take a hard heart to resist a story that starts like this: “Trixie got out of her cherry-red godmobile and waved away the flitting cherubim waiting to bear her to her sedan chair.”…as satisfying as it is funny.
—Terry Weyna, Fantasy Literature

Hilarious story!

Funny stuff. I’ve always been a fan of wrath and retribution.
—Lois Tilton, Locus

dsf_logo When it Ends, He Catches Her” in Daily Science Fiction (forthcoming).
hplovecraftsmag5_cvr Within Your Soul I Sightless See,” H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror, #5, Spring 2009. FREE FICTION!

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