Biba Jibun at Pseudopod and Adventures in E-book Publishing Update

First and foremost, “Biba Jibun” is now up at Pseudopod for your free listening pleasure, read by the talented Kara Grace. Enjoy!

Next, laid out in quasi-scientific fashion, an update on my foray into releasing some of my previously published and out-of-print short fiction as e-books: Continue reading

New eBook, New BOGO deal: Mortal Clay, Stone Heart and Other Stories in Shades of Black and White

Happy December! With the Prix Aurora Award win of The Dragon and the Stars anthology (containing my short story “Mortal Clay, Stone Heart”), it seemed like a propitious time to publish a new short story ebook collection. Introducing:


Available for $2.99 at:

And for the month of December, anyone who buys it can get their choice of my “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” or “The Wish of the Demon Achtromagk” ebook for free.

Just drop me an email with your Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords order/transaction number for Mortal Clay, Stone Heart and which ebook you’d like, and I’ll email you a coupon to download a complimentary copy from Smashwords in whatever format you like.

Cover art and table of contents:
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Thursday after CyberMonday Sale: Returning My Sister’s Face eBook for Only $2.99 (57% off)

Meant to put this up on CyberMonday, but apparently I overdid the festivities over the weekend and instead spent Monday on the couch in a zombie-like state of aches and groans. So to celebrate the Thursday after CyberMonday, I’m offering my Returning My Sisters Face and Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice ebook at
Smashwords for only $2.99 (normal price: $6.99).

Just take this link to RMSF’s Smashwords page and enter the coupon code below prior to completing checkout. Smashwords distributes ebooks in just about every format, including .mobi for Kindle.

Coupon Code: LA82X
Expires: January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

More information about RMSF.

BOGO Deal: Buy Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest ebook, Get Wish of the Demon Achtromagk ebook Free

I’ve been bandying about the idea of self-publishing an ebook short story collection for a while but have been unmotivated to hash out the formatting and conversion details. Finally decided to get my act together and check out what all the cool kids have been talking about. Rolled up my sleeves and dug into all the how-to’s of converting a manuscript into the various ebook formats. Discovered it’s actually pretty straightforward if a bit persnickety.

So as an experiment and trial run, I’m publishing two ebooks, each for the low, low price of only $0.99, at Amazon (for the Kindle) and Smashwords (for the Nook, Sony reader, iPad, and other formats).

My Nebula Award-winning novelette, “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast”:

And my short story, “The Wish of the Demon Achtromagk,” originally published as an audio podcast by Drabblecast for their Lovecraft tribute month:

And as a bonus, all this month of November, anyone who buys “Sinner” will also get an ebook of “The Wish of the Demon Achtromagk” for free.

Just drop me an email with either your Amazon order number for “Sinner” or the very last line of text in the ebook (not the last line of the story but the last sentence of the back matter), and I’ll email you a coupon to download a complimentary copy of “The Wish of the Demon Achtromagk” ebook from Smashwords in whatever format you like.

More information and cover art:
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Self-fulfilling Prophecy and End of an Aeon

In a perverse display of self-fulfilling prophecy, thus far during this lovely, quiet, stress-free first week post-legislative session 2011, I have written exactly two new words. Two.

Okay, okay, that’s net, not gross, as in I was doing an editing pass on a couple chapters and so that figure includes tweaking, cutting, rewriting, and polishing. But it’s still a far cry from “productive” and makes me want to slap myself in the face and yell, “Just get off your ass and write, you slacker!” Which would probably disconcert my co-editors.

Or I could give a gun to my muse a la this utterly apropos comic from Jim C. Hines. Just what my crack-whore-trollop of a muse needs: a firearm.

In other news, the long-awaited End of an Aeon anthology with my “Black Swan, White Swan” in it is back on track, slated to come out in July. I really like this story—inspired by one of my favorite ballets, Swan Lake—and I was worried that it seemed to be caught in some sort of publishing limbo hell. I sold it to Aeon in early 2008, then the magazine closed down but planned to release the last of its inventory as this anthology, which has subsequently been plagued by computer issues and other slowdowns. (Of note, this is not, by far, the longest lead time I’ve experienced, which is why I wasn’t actively stewing or fretting about it.) So I was greatly relieved to hear from Patrick Swenson, publisher of Fairwood Press, letting me know to expect page proofs soon and with a concrete release date. He also mentioned that it will be released as both a trade paperback and an ebook (in multiple formats). Hurray!

Shiny cover:
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50% Off Coupon for Returning My Sister’s Face E-Book

Hope everyone’s holiday season is going fabulously! Got a holiday bargain for folks wanting to give the e-book of Returning My Sister’s Face as a gift or who just want to treat themselves: a 50% off coupon from Smashwords.

Just enter in the coupon code WC93X (not case-sensitive) before checkout and get Returning My Sister’s Face for $3.50! (Offer expires January 1, 2011.)

RMSF is available from Smashwords in every major e-book format, including MOBI (Kindle), PDB (Nook and Palm reading devices), LRF (Sony Reader), EPUB, and PDF.

Happy Holidays!

Returning My Sister’s Face E-book Now Available

Coming out a little earlier than expected, Returning My Sister’s Face is now available as an e-book in a myriad of formats. Just in time for holiday gift-giving! Buy it now for the low, low price of $6.99:

And for folks who still crave the feel of paper, it’s also available in hardcover and trade paperback:

Returning My Sisters Face and Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and Malice

Returning My Sister’s Face E-book Due Nov. 25 and Locus Review of the Dragon and the Stars

Got an email from Vera of Norilana. Looks like we’re aiming for November 25th as the release date of Returning My Sister’s Face in e-book format. Just in time for Christmas shopping :).

Also saw that The Dragon and the Stars was reviewed in Locus by Gardner Dozois:

[T]he fact that all the stories draw upon “the rich cultural heritage of China” to tell stories of the fantastic makes it interesting, and gives us some milieus not commonly used, making almost all the stories worth reading…The best stories here are by Tony Pi, Emily Mah, Brenda Clough, Eugie Foster, Shelly Li, and Eric Choi

Finished the last zero draft editing pass on Taijiya and it’s now being first-readered by Matthew. Commencing nail biting.

And heard from the editor of the DAW anthology I was invited to submit to. Seems the publication date got bumped up by a month and therefore so did the deadline. I love deadlines, the way they stress me out and make me sweat. Sad thing, I actually mean that.

Stupid Novel Progress: Almost Back to Three Weeks Ago

500 new words today on The Stupid Novel, and I’m one chapter away from the scene which stymied me three weeks ago. If I actually make it past that scene, I might, might consider upgrading the working title from The Stupid Novel to Taijiya, which is the original working title…from two freaking years ago. Glargh.

In other news, I started researching e-book formatting. Norilana uses Smashwords as a converter and distributor which has a helpful style guide. It’s a fairly laborious process to convert a print formatted text to e-book. Think I need to code me some macros. Yep.

E-books and Returning My Sister’s Face

A few folks have asked me about the availability of an e-book version of Returning My Sister’s Face.  I’ve actually been thinking about that and e-books in general for a while.  It’s hard to avoid all the industry fuss and furor about e-books, their pricing, and electronic rights in general.

Until I got my Droid, e-books hadn’t made much of an impression on me as a reader.  I had my laptop and have been reading a lot of fiction, primarily short stories, in various formats for years now: PDF, Word/RTF, HTML, and epub mostly.   And while I d0 prefer the convenience and portability of electronic files, I wasn’t sold on it as the evolution of printed books.  It was just a convenient medium that had its advantages and disadvantages–the primary disadvantage being that even though my VAIO is teeny (11.1″ screen, 2.8lbs, less than an inch thick), I couldn’t just pop it out of my purse or backpack and flip it open like I could a good ole paperback. I had to be somewhere where I could set it down and boot it, a process that took a minute or so.  And it was too awkward to juggle while standing.  While its size made standing use possible, unlike my behemoth of an HP laptop which is clunky as an anvil and nearly as heavy,  I was always too afraid it would get jostled out of my hands or I’d fumble and drop it.

And then I got my Droid.  Continue reading