State of the Eugie

The General Assembly has set out its schedule for the remainder of this year’s legislative session. We will be adjourning sine die on April 29th.


So not soon enough. This extended session is running roughshod over me. My concentration is shot. The towering stack of items in my to-do list is about one “reply to person x’s email” from becoming sentient and rampaging through downtown Atlanta. And now my wingstubs have started acting up.

It’s not that it’s been a particularly hellish day-in-day-out sort of session; it hasn’t. But the prolonged stress permeating our office and the capitol is thrashing my already less-than-robust immune system. My energy level is way down, and when that starts crashing, it dominoes into all my other sundry human suit issues. I’ve even upped my stimulants to try to counteract the worst of it, and my brain still just flatlines once afternoon hits. I’m loathe (and somewhat scared) to increase it any more, so in order to restore my faculties to some semblance of wakefulness, I have to down enough caffeine to make me sick to my stomach—and I’m not doing that again anytime soon.

So yeah. Glad to have a date when this interminable session will end. But gawd, I wish it were sooner.


Thank Yous and Springtime Seasonal Affective Disorder

Thanks to everyone for all your congrats for my Hugo nomination!

I’m thrilled beyond words. Literally. I keep trying to express how much being a Hugo nominee means to me, how awed I was as a young reader by the stories in the first Hugo Winners anthologies—you know the ones, edited by Isaac Asimov—and how they inspired me as a writer. And every time I try, it comes out sounding trite or inadequate. (I know, I know, some writer I am, huh?) So I’ll just say that I am honored, elated, and overjoyed, and also a bit incredulous, to be on this year’s Hugo ballot.

On a completely different subject, I’ve been wondering whether I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but not the traditional kind that kicks off in winter. I think springtime may put me in the doldrums. These last few days in Atlanta have been gorgeous—warm, bright, sunny—and I’ve felt irascible, logy, and generally glum. But I noticed this morning, with it’s cloudy, dark, and gray skies, that I feel much better, downright upbeat.

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my mental equilibrium is in tune with my physiology (which I already knew was in agreement with my aesthetics), and that I find the sun oppressive on multiple levels.

Sleepless Night

Had a really bad night. Insomnia kicked in hard, worse than usual. My best and favorite remedy for sleeplessness has been snuggling Hobkin. He was the softest, warmest plush beastie to cuddle at night. Guess it should go without saying that I felt his absence particularly keenly as I tossed and turned. Ended up getting almost no sleep whatsoever, so now I’m exhausted and emotionally frail. Add to that the likelihood that we’re going to have a very late night under the gold dome, and we have a definite not-my-favorite-day day.

Insomnia and Frolicon Panel Schedule

Sleep was not forthcoming last night. Been taking hydroxyzine on and off to aid in sleeping this last week. Decided that I was treading the path to unhealthy and resolved to go off it before taking uppers in the morning and downers at night became a habit. Voila, insomnia. Sigh.

In other news, the Frolicon 2010 panels and workshop schedule is now online. It’s still preliminary and subject to change, but I’m currently slated to be on:

Friday 4/2, 11AM-12:30PM: “Ask a Writer: Craft” – Whether you’re struggling with characters who won’t do what you want, a plot that doesn’t seem to want to come together, difficulties making your words flow the way you want, etc., come ask our panel of writers how they do what they do. (Cancun)

Saturday 4/3, 4:15-5:45PM: “Writing Sex Scenes” – No matter what genre you write, sometimes your plot is going to take your characters into a sex scene. How do you decide what level of explicitness works? How do you keep the language from either devolving into crudeness or coming out sounding medical? There’s a lot more work involved in making them arouse the reader than simply insert-tab-A-into-slot-B. (Frankfurt)

Hope to see folks there.