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What people are saying about “Running on Two Legs” (cont.):

the beauty of the language carries one along . . . It is difficult to write a thoughtful story that features a terminal disease without melodrama, and Eugie Foster achieves it with style.
—E. Sedia, Tangent

My favourites were ‘Thirst’ by Singh and a curious tale of a gifted child, ‘Running On Two Legs’ by Foster.
—Rod MacDonald, SF Crowsnest

My favorite story, however, was “Running on Two Legs” by Eugie Foster . . . it was interestingly cute, and it has a refreshingly sanguine view of serious illness.
—Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

“The Cajun Knot” by Melanie Fazi is . . . one of the two really excellent stories in this magazine . . . The other excellent story in the issue is “Running on Two Legs” by Eugie Foster . . . a delightful positive tale
—Sam Tomaino, SFRevu


Cover art by Vincent Chong

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