Realms of Fantasy Magazine

“Returning My Sister’s Face” illustration by Allen Douglas

Honor is a precious thing, and an awful thing to lose. But to have it stolen is a fate worse than death.

Realms of Fantasy Feb. 2005 cover


“The Storyteller’s Wife” illustration by Heather Hudson

We need our storytellers to remind us of where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. Perhaps we’re not the only ones who need them.

Realms of Fantasy June 2005 cover


“The Devil and Mrs. Comstock’s Snickerdoodles” illustration by Lori Koefoed

Evil is where you find it—even curled up on a comfy couch enjoying a belly rub.


Daughter of Botu

“Daughter of Bótù” illustration by Jada Fitch

The world is full of tricksters waiting to prey on the innocent. The problem is telling one from the other.

Realms of Fantasy Aug. 2008


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