A Bath for Hobkin, Albuterol, Writing

Gave Hobkin a bath yesterday. It was actually not as traumatic and wetly destructive as previous bathing experiences have been. Not only did I avoid a sudsy tail to the face, but the bathroom does not look like a shampoo elemental threw a temper tantrum there. He flopped over on me immediately afterward, and I ended up with a damp skunk in my lap for several hours. His fur takes forever to dry even with finger combing and brushing. But he’s all fluffy and shiny and sweet smelling now.

This Thursday will be his second birthday. The fuzzwit will be two years old. He’s all growed up *sniffle*. There will be cake.

Discovered something rather odd. When I first started having breathing problems, I found that Albuterol didn’t do squat to help it, so I stuck my inhaler away in a bathroom drawer. But yesterday I was feeling a bit desperate, so I rummaged it out and used it. I started breathing easier very quickly. Took my inhaler with me to work this morning and used it this afternoon. Decided improvement again. That seems to indicate that there’s bronchial spasming at work, which I didn’t think was the case. Something I should bring up with my pulmonary doctor, I suspect.

Writing stats:

I keep pulling up the cover artwork of “Ascendancy of Blood” to admire. I’ve had illustrations/artwork done for several of my stories now, but this is my favorite. It’s just so totally how I envisioned it when I wrote it, and so beautifully executed. I keep looking at it going “PRETTY! Ooo” and grinning like a fool. Maybe I’ll make it the wallpaper on my PC desktop for a while, although that feels terribly narcissistic.

Still no new words, but I did do a couple good rewrite passes on the novella, enough so that I actually printed the whole thing out. (It does all fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope. Hurray.) When I make subsequent changes, I can just reprint individual chapters or pages as need be, maybe save a tree or so that way. I’m not expecting any major rewrites to happen now, depending on the last few RFDR critiques that may still come in. I’m aiming to mail it by the end of this week so I can avoid the post office insanity of tax day next week.

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  1. Aaaawww…Hobkin will be 2-years old. And there will be a cake…how sweet. 🙂

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