Biopsy on Wednesday: Formality Mostly

We’ve got an appointment this Wednesday to do a biopsy on the tumor, but the hopes I had that the PET scan results would turn out to be a false positive have been diminishing until they are essentially nil.

The swelling at the tumor site has noticeably increased in the short time since the PET scan, and even more telling, the pain from last year is back. It’s a very distinctive pain, unlike anything I’ve felt before all this. It’s unmistakable as anything else but a fast-growing mass pushing aside things in my head that really aren’t happy about being shoved aside. I’m back to taking daily painkillers, beginning to ramp up the doseages. And I remember why I was in such a hurry to begin chemotherapy, knowing it would be its own hell of sickness, weakness, and pain.

This thing growing in my head is aggressive. It’s scary-fast how quickly it has advanced already. Re-advanced. And now I just want to start knocking it back again, as soon as possible, before it takes back the hearing and breathing it stole from me back in September, before I lose any more ground to it. Even though I know that whatever our next treatment steps are going to be, they’ll be more brutal than what I’ve already gone through.

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37 Responses to Biopsy on Wednesday: Formality Mostly

  1. Liz Williams says:

    Absolutely what Ruben says.

  2. Alex Bledsoe says:

    All good thoughts your way, Eugie.

  3. Kenny Soward says:

    🙁 Indeed. Thinking very hard and positively about you getting better. I hope whatever they try next kicks it in the butt.

  4. Laird Barron says:

    Good luck, Eugie. I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. Mia Nutick says:

    Thinking healing prayerful thoughts for you.

  6. ::sending prayers for pain relief::

  7. Diana Munoz Stewartd says:

    Knock it back again. Feel better. Sending you positive energy and sincere support.

  8. *HUGS* I’m thinking of you, Eugie.

  9. Martin says:

    Eugie, you’re one of the bravest people i know. I am 100% sure you will win that fight. My best wishes are with you.

  10. Hammer Man says:

    Hugs and prayers for you. It was great to see you this weekend at the meeting!

  11. Thom Lyons says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers, Eugie.

  12. Thinking powerfully healing thoughts

  13. J M McDermott says:

    Keep fighting! We’re rooting for you!

  14. Sending healing vibes. Hugs.

  15. Amy Uzarski says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Eugie. You’re in my thoughts and prayers as well.

  16. Shae Connor says:

    Much love headed your way. *hugs*

  17. Amy Herring says:

    Hoping any anomalies were just weird shadows caused by passing baby bats and the biopsy says all clear!

  18. Bao Pham says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Goddammit. Things seemed to be going so well, relatively speaking. I hope that you can take the next steps very soon and beat this f*cker.

  20. Thinking of you always, Eugie.

  21. Cassy Gordon says:

    I am very sorry you are in pain. Much love and many comforting hugs your way!

  22. Amy Herring says:

    Pain relief sounds good. Hope the docs can get some to you ASAP!

  23. 🙁 We are with you Eugie.

  24. Gizele says:

    Keep up your brave fight. I hope this next battle will keep you healthy forever.

  25. Janice Clark says:

    Keep fighting. You’re going to lick this thing yet. I hope the doctors can find the right knock-out punch this time around, and that they can also keep the pain and side effects to a minimum.

  26. What everybody said. Hugs and fist-bumps, Eugie.

  27. Bo Kaier says:

    Disappointing. Stay strong Eugie.

  28. JMangold says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the setback.
    But it is just that, a setback, nothing more.
    You can beat this.
    We are all in your corner and praying for nothing short of a full recovery.

  29. E Krock says:

    Beaming evil thoughts, hatred, and wishes for death at the tumor, and praying for strength and even greater success in the next round of the treatment.

  30. Debbie says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs.

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