Call back, plez

Just got a phone call from someone–Frank Kelly? Jake Kelly? Frank Jesse?–asking for me. And it sounded important.

We screen all our calls and weren’t fast enough picking up to catch him before he hung up. The caller left a return number on our machine, starting with the area code 678, which is local, but our machine ate the message before I could get the rest of the digits.

I tried doing a *69, but their service either blocks callbacks or isn’t equipped for it.

On the off chance that whoever phoned me reads this blog, can you please call back?

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4 Responses to Call back, plez

  1. mkhobson says:

    Sounds like you need voice mail, dood.


  2. terracinque says:

    I hope you’ve learned your lesson!

  3. If it was that important, he’ll call back.

  4. And just how anxiety ridden has this missed call made you? Hope you’re not having to pop a Xanax!

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