Can I put my head through my monitor now?

Blargh. In. The. Homestretch. Must. Keep. Testing.

I’m really not a p.m. sort of person. I did a ten hour shift yesterday from 6am to 4pm and while I didn’t enjoy waking up before dawn, it wasn’t all that painful once I got to my desk. But, agh, coming in at noon and working the whole night through has really hammered me.

I’ve got a couple days coming up where I do the late night shift followed immediately by the next day’s early shift. I don’t know how I’m going to survive that. And my eating schedule’s all thrown off. I had some oatmeal for lunch and a Snickers bar for dinner. Ack.

And what really bites is that right now I’m just watching the displays scroll by on a really HUGE test run, waiting for a crash. “Tedious” doesn’t do it justice.

Wah! This blows goats.

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