DiL off the ventilator and asking for ice cream

They took DiL off the ventilator today, and he’s breathing well on his own. A world of hurray. He’s awake and responsive–although a bit disoriented–and stubborn as all get out. He keeps pulling off the oxygen mask and trying to talk, although he shouldn’t because of how raw his throat is, and everything he says is a variant of “leave now” and “I want to go home.” He’s also asking for ice cream, but he’s not allowed to eat until tomorrow because anything he’d swallow right now would aspirate into his lungs.

I wish we could give him some ice cream. And God, I wish we could take him home. When the nurse, MiL, and fosteronfilm and I told him he was too weak to get out of bed, much less stand and walk out, he said he’d crawl out of the hospital if he had to. I’d feel the same way in his place.

Although his heart, lungs, and kidney are ailing, my DiL’s a stubborn man, and his will is strong as a rocky iron strong thingy. It’s heartbreaking trying to get him to stay still. And the nurses are looking rather peaked around the eyes already. One of them has already threatened to put him in restraints if he keeps trying to pull himself out of bed.

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13 Responses to DiL off the ventilator and asking for ice cream

  1. I’m so happy to hear he’s at least breathing on his own!

  2. jaylake says:

    Arg. Good thoughts to you all and him.

  3. ecmyers says:

    What a relief. I hope he continues to improve! Best wishes to all of you.

  4. lisamantchev says:

    Happy, healthy thoughts for everyone… 🙂

  5. scyllacat says:

    yes! leave now! I like to think I would be the same way, but I do sympathize with the nursing staff…

    pass a hug to for me?

  6. keesa_renee says:

    Yay for coming off the ventilator!! Here’s hoping for a quick and painless recovery, much ice cream in the near future, and the sanity of the nursing staff. :hugs: I’m so pleased for you!

  7. neo_prodigy says:

    I certainly will continue to keep DiL in my prayers.

  8. whirl_twirl says:

    That is good news to hear. 🙂 Best of luck to you guys and the nursing staff keeping everyone’s sanity.

  9. basletum says:

    Glad to hear he’s off the ventilator.

  10. markdeniz says:

    Great to hear that he’s up and asking for ice-cream at least, it seems I’ve missed a few posts as I wasn’t aware he was back in the hospital.

    *big hugs all round*

  11. Just catching up with LJ after what I thought was a rough week, nothing compared to what’s been happening at Casa Foster. I am so very happy that DiL is doing better. My thoughts are with you all and I’m sending out cosmic murmurs as well for good dharma and karma.

  12. miafedup says:

    Much love, prayers and healing to you all.

  13. gillpolack says:

    Ditto all the supportive thoughts – may he be able to eat ice-cream soon!

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