Faerie Escape 2012 Schedule

I’ll be a guest at Faerie Escape: Atlanta this weekend (June 15-17) for a “celebration of all things fae.” It’s a fun little convention with impressively eclectic programming, including panels on fairy tales, workshops on everything from costuming to building faerie houses, parties, and gaming.

Herein my panel schedule (download the complete schedule booklet.) :

  • “Fairy Tales, Myth and Psychology” – What is the deep attraction of fairy tales and what do they mean to us? (Subtitle: Grimm, Cambell and Jung Walk into a Bar…) With Andrew Greenberg (m), Honora Foah, Dea Mozingo, Ted Friedman, and Bill Bridges. Sat. (6/16) 10:30AM.
  • “Fae in All Their Guises” – The fae is just one term for these beings. What names, forms and meaning do they take around the world? With Honora Foah, IK the Troll, Eugie Foster, Dea Mozingo, and Bill Bridges. Sat. (6/16) 1:30PM.

Hope to see folks there!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you there. “a fun little convention with impressively eclectic programming” may be the best description I have heard yet

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