From yesterday’s agenda:

My goals from yesterday:

Today, I want to soak in the hot tub, go Christmas shopping, see a movie, eat Christmas cookies and candy, and wrap prezzies!

Okay, I didn’t soak in the hot tub because my hot tubbing time got side-swiped by dancing around the house after hearing about my sale. But that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make. We did, though, engage in a massive amount of Christmas shopping and cookie and candy eating. And I wrapped about half a dozen prezzies. The movie we saw was Long Kiss Goodnight upstairs in our home theater (a fine holiday flick!). We were going to see Two Towers but when we got home, Hobkin was so lonely we couldn’t leave him again. Hoping to catch it today.

But we’re worried about our laser disc player. It’s fairly new as laser disc players go. We’ve got two of them actually, and our first one is much older and doesn’t have this problem. But I think there’s a belt loose or something in the mechanism that switches sides. When the movie went from side A to B, there was this loud whirring, sort of grinding noise. And Matthew had to power the player completely down in order to get the tray to open at all.

Where the hell are we going to find a shop that works on laser disc players? Argh. We need a DVD burner so we can transfer our huge collection of laser discs to DVD. Crap.

But, in better news, the editor of the In the Outposts of Beyond anthology asked me for a long bio–he said around 200 words. All the bios I’ve made up ’till now have been in the under 100-word range area, so I get to spend some time coming up with a “meatier” one. Hmmm . . .

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