Getting caught up

Just finished writing 32 thank you emails to critters for reviewing the stories I had up last month. Gah! But I’m caught up on thank yous now. I know I don’t have to send them, but I think if someone goes to the effort of reading my stories and sending me their feedback, the least I can do is write a quick “thanks!” to them.

And I say “please” and “may I” too.

Also, the chaotic disorder of my Dragon*Con costumes has been neatened up. After a convention, there’s always a disaster area feel to the house with hose, accessories, and rejected ensembles flung helter skelter every which way. But now the black vinyl has been hung up and put away, the corsets neatly stored back in the closet, and the various boots tucked back into their cubby holes. Whew. Life is beginning to return back to normal.

Matthew and I rented Time Machine (the 2001 version) last night and camped out upstairs in front of the 60″ with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and potato chips to watch it. Mmm. Heaven! Although the movie was a bit lame. It was pretty, though.

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