Hamsters, hamsters, everywhere!

The Dragon*Con staff meeting was Saturday, whereupon I bolstered my Daily Dragon staff, bringing myself up to fully loaded (I think), and dire_epiphany asked me to adopt a hamster. Or rather, a third of a hamster. bevlovesbooks and sara1221 have already agreed to co-adopt the other two-thirds. Of course I agreed to be responsible for the care and juggling of my hamster segment ’cause I can deny dire_epiphany nothing . . . or almost nothing.

Also got a note from a computer gamer person in Poland who writes fan-variety gaming modules. Seems he’s working on a diary for a female character on the project he’s currently working on, and is using my blog (tone, I gather, rather than content, although that part is a bit fuzzy) to imbue it with realism. He asked if I’d be interested in reading and providing feedback on it. While I continue to be up to my ankles in wayward hamsters, I have to admit I was both flattered and intrigued, so I agreed to be a consultant. I’ve never worked on a computer gaming project before. I think it’ll be fun.

And lastly, I’m battling a lupus/MCTD flare-up. My own fault, this one. I haven’t had a flare-up in a couple years, due in large part to the daily dose of Imuran I’m taking. But while in Illinois, with my comfy routine thrown off, I forgot to take a dose. Of course I took it as soon as I remembered, but I began feeling kind of blah within 24-hours. I could have probably staved a flare-up off by keeping on a rigorous Imuran-taking schedule. But when we got back home, I forgot again–daily routine still in uproar–and last night, I fell asleep early, at around 6PM and slept for twelve hours straight (another indication of an impending flare-up), and fosteronfilm didn’t realize he needed to wake me up to take my Imuran. As a result of three missed/late doses in as many weeks, I’m tottering on the edge of a full-blown flare-up. I keep flashing hot and cold, on the brink of fever, my body is all stiff and achy, and my throat’s sore. Not good. I simply do not have the time to get sick now. Crappity crappity crap. It’s probably some hamster-mutated plague . . .

And just now, I started coughing, and I heard Hobkin suddently start making these rasping, coughing sounds too. The cuteness of him coughing at the same time as me is way overshadowed by my anxiety. I hope I didn’t get the little guy sick!


Writing Stuff

New Words/Editing:
– 600 on my “Writing for Young Readers” column article for Writing-World.com, a bunch of editing passes, a squint or two, and it’s off. Big, grown-up columnist, me.

– 209-day personal “Although we discussed it exhaustively, I regret . . .” from Cricket. Waaah!! *sobs*

To make matters worse, the next market I want to send this story to is closed to submissions until Mid-August. Snartleblast! Also, that again drops my submissions to the bug ‘zines down to one. Urg. Must send them something else soon.

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8 Responses to Hamsters, hamsters, everywhere!

  1. aliettedb says:

    Drat. I hope your flare doesn’t get worse, and that you feel better soon.

  2. shadowhelm says:

    Someday, someday, I must beg and plead to be a guest at Dragon*con. Alas, but this year isn’t that year…

    Sorry on the rejection. Good for you on writing!

  3. yukinooruoni says:

    Yay for “Eugie! Queen of the Jungle!”

  4. No more missing essential meds! Drop a hamster or two. They bounce.

  5. dream_wind says:

    Ow. I hope everything sorts itself out quickly.

    In the meantime, you and Matthew featured in a dream I had last night, which I’ve written about in my blog. It was heavy duty weird, and entirely due to my having read far too many thrillers in the past week.

  6. basletum says:

    Hope you and the Hobster start feeling better soon.

    A consultant for a computer game project. That rocks!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi from Jodi!

    Take care of yourself and get well soon! Speaking of hamsters, check out my latest post.

  8. blogofstench says:

    Hmm, posting how far you get on writing projects to the public blog is a good way to keep track of things and motivate oneself. I should try that. I’d either embarrass myself heavily or kick my arse in gear!


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