Henry IV part II

Went to see Henry IV part II at the Shakespeare Tavern last night. It was excellent, just excellent. The battle and plot bits were fairly uninspiring, but they always have been with that play. It’s like an editor took Bill aside: “It’s got great character development, but we really need an action scene in the middle.” But the Falstaff parts were fabulous; they pretty much stole the show. And I loved the stereotypical Jewish Mother a la Richard IV to Prince Hal in the death scene. Funny, touching, and poignant. Very well done. And again, I must give mad props to the Shakespeare Tavern for their excellent production.

Now I want to see Henry V. Maybe when Matthew wakes up we’ll break out the Branagh DVD.

And, now that I’ve made a good start on that Urban Fantasy piece, I suddenly have an urge to try my hand at steampunk. Hmm . . .

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