Hobkin Update: Bad night

At the emergency vet clinic. Had a very bad night. Spent most of the last couple hours in tears.

After yesterday’s promising developments, Hobkin stopped eating and his breathing got really bad–loud wheezing and very labored–at around midnight. Rushed him here after several hours of trying to coax him to eat something (must stay hydrated) and watching him go steadily downhill.

Waiting until our regular vet opens. Hoping he can just stabilize a little and hang on. Really, really terrified.

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41 Responses to Hobkin Update: Bad night

  1. gillpolack says:

    Thinking much support in your direction.

  2. kenakeri says:


    Sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Oh Eugie. So sorry to hear Hobkin’s not doing well! My thoughts are with you, and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  4. I know you are doing everything you can, and I am sorry that we cannot do more to help.

    You all have my hope and love. The furry guy gets second helpings. Poor baby.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sending you energy

    It’s me, Amanda in SC. Been following you on Twitter. Sending you, Matt and Hobkin lots of love and energy. I so hope he gets better soon.

  6. Sending all kinds of positive thoughts to you and Hobkin.

  7. jreynolds says:

    My prayers-such as they are-are with you.

  8. terracinque says:

    Oh no! Poor little fellow.

  9. wistling says:

    My thoughts are with you as well. Stay strong.

  10. Oh, Eugie, I’m sending you good thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

  11. mrissa says:

    Am hoping for the best for you all.

  12. aliettedb says:

    Hang in there. Lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  13. raecarson says:

    I’m hoping for the best for all of you.

  14. nojojojo says:

    Oh, no! I’ve never met you or seen Hobkin, but I feel like I know him after following your posts for ages. Poor thing! Thinking healthy thoughts for him.

  15. Sending love, strength, and healthy wishes for Hobkin.

    Sending love, stength, and lots of ::HUGS:: for you.

  16. threeoutside says:

    You’re all in our hearts, sweetie. Kisses & pat-pats to Hobkins.

  17. quasiskunk says:

    Sending prayers and good feelings your way. May Hobkin start to get better soon! *hugs*

  18. melissajm says:

    Oh, hang in there, Hobkin!

  19. I am so, so sorry. Sending zillions of good vibes and hope. *hugs*

  20. musingaloud says:

    Oh no! So sorry to hear this, it’s so hard to watch them suffering. Hope Hopkin has a turnaround soon.

  21. tltrent says:

    Big hugs and hopes that he’ll pull through this rough patch. *healing skunk vibes*

  22. kittymel says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this – I will be praying for you all.

  23. n_decisive says:

    Oh, no. 🙁

    Still sending out the good, healing juju. Wish I could do more.


  24. safewrite says:

    Aww, poor baby. Saying a prayer for him and you.

  25. Thinking of you all, I know how hard this can be 🙁

  26. safirasilv says:

    Poor critter, and poor underslept humans.
    I hope he pulls through.

  27. leahbobet says:

    Fingers, toes, everything crossed for all of you.

  28. samhenderson says:

    Oh Eugie. I hope he pulls through.

  29. lmeighmy says:

    *hugs and prayers*

    Miracles happen, and I’m praying for one!

  30. arkady says:

    Fingers crossed and sending good thoughts Hobkin’s way. Hope the little fuzzbutt pulls through OK.

  31. Sorry to hear about this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  32. I’m so sorry to read this. I’ve been following Hob’s progress and keeping my fingers crossed; I’ll continue to do so.

  33. shaolingrrl says:

    Oh, no. I’m so sorry! I’m still thinking about you and the little guy.

  34. yukinooruoni says:

    *much hobkin love* Get better soon, little guy! And much strength to you and Matthew.

  35. domynoe says:

    Oh no! Here’s hoping he gets better! Poor baby! Poor mama!

  36. alan_yee says:

    Oh no. I’m so sorry. I’ll be thinking of Hobkin, as well as you and Matthew.

  37. ericmarin says:

    *sending lots of supportive thoughts*

  38. Good luck, Hobkin!

    Any updates?

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