K-Pax and stuff

Last night Matthew and I watched K-Pax and The Mummy Returns. Actually, I only watched half of The Mummy Returns. Absence of caffeine took its toll and I started turning into a pumpkin a little after the Egyptian bikini cat fight scene. Z’okay. We saw it in the theater, so no big.

But we hadn’t seen K-Pax before. It was decent. I like it when Hollywood doesn’t make the mental health profession come off as a bunch of sadistic petty tyrants. I still think One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is unsurpassed on the whole movie-in-a-mental-institution front (this despite the sadistic petty tyrant issue), but K-Pax wasn’t bad. They did take the easy way out with the ending, which, of course, I knew they would. But it was still enjoyable. And I really like Kevin Spacey.

I completed the re-write I was working on and sent it out into the wilds. Bon voyage little story!

And me and a couple other Buffy fans in my DC2K writer’s group managed to convince a non-Buffy viewer to start watching it. *Cackle* Another addict in the fold.

Now, back to work on the Halloween story. Ack. It’s like pulling fangs. Big, pointy, deep-rooted fangs. Damn.

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  1. Coolness.
    Listened to K-Pax on CD, but never saw the movie.

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