Kicking new sound system!

Matthew has been fiddling with our downstairs entertainment system for the last couple days, getting his new receiver all integrated. He hooked up the big ass speakers that, for the whole time that we’ve been in this house, we’ve been using as end tables. And he wired the smaller speakers we had been using as our main speakers as rears.

But then he declared that we needed a subwoofer. Did I say “nonsense, it sounds fine. Let’s hold off on any more home entertainment purchases”? Nope. I, being a sucker for rib-rumbling bass, agreed. We only meant to look at them to get an idea of what was out there. *Whimper* There was this fabu post-holiday clearance sale. And they threw in a 24 ft monster cable. Meep. Klipse 10″ subwoofer. It just growled so pretty at us.

And now we have SOUND.

Off to watch LoTR and feel the Balrog ruuumble!

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  1. dwivian says:

    The absolutely worst thing you can do is get your house set up for decent sound….

    I did. Oh hell. Now I have to listen to CNN HEADLINE NEWS WITH STEREO ON OR IT SOUNDS WEAK…..


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