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Watched some of the MTV Live8 coverage. Is it me, or has concert coverage gotten spectacularly stupid? You’d think if a person’s tuning in to a concert broadcast, they’d want to see the concert, right? Pretty performers making appealing sounds with musical instruments and all. Yet, time and time again, the camera would pull away from the show on stage to spotlight the commentators who would then go on to inform the audience that they were at this monumental concert, isn’t it great, isn’t it fabulous? And all the time the performance is happening behind them as they jabber at the camera. WTF?

Writing Stuff

Received the French contract for “The Storyteller’s Wife” from Faeries. They included a pretty bookmark that had “welcome” handwritten on it. Little, personal gestures like that from editors/publishers make me happy. Signed the contract, but have to wait until Tuesday to mail it back. I thought they were paying me in U.S. dollars, but the contract stipulates euros, which I’m actually happier about since the the exchange rate is currently in my favor. Although it does mean I’ll have to deal with the inevitable confusion and blank looks from my bank when I go to deposit the check.

Also, it seems that the Polish translation of “All in My Mind” has been published in the July issue of Nowa Fantastyka.

Here’s the cover:

I’m listed in the table of contents. Except, erm, I never received a contract from these folks. And I’ve queried the editor a couple times and haven’t heard anything back. So, woohoo, I’ve been published in Polish! But also, guh? I really wish I knew someone who could read and write Polish. I feel the need for a translator to help me out with my correspondences. I shall remain optimistic and assume I’ll get paid. Eventually. And hey, according to the website, they have a print run of 45K.

Progress on The List:
1. Do rewrite of “Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me.” Added 400 words in more passes than I can remember. Going to give it another read-through (or three) and then send it back to the editor for approval.
2. Finish critique in-progress.
3. Finish researching and write WIP folktale.
4. Compile stats & finish rewrite of current story up at Critters.
5. Compose and send thank you notes for crits of Critters story.
6. Review material for Tangent.
7. Get back to work on the novel.

Oof. Still feeling overwhelmed.

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2 Responses to Live8 Footage

  1. rigel_kent says:

    It was just MTV apparently… people have been comparing coverage of MTV and BBC and were saying that MTV was just awful…. commenting more on how historic the event was than actually playing the music… as if they were afraid if they stopped talking their existence would be revoked.
    I’m glad i didn’t see it… I would have hit the roof when MTV cut into the middle of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” for a commerical….that pissed a lot of American fans off.
    But as we well know, MTV has never been about music…

    • alladinsane says:

      They also did the same to the Black Eyed Peas, which you’d figure to be a fave of MTV’s…

      Also got a bit tired during Coldplay’s set of them constantly flashing Gwineth Paltrow and Baby Apple…I can understand one shot, but several times??

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