LJ, wingstubs, and writing

LJ continues acting wonky with its comment emails. I assumed when I started getting LJ replies from entries in July at the beginning of the week they were doing some sort of system upgrade and the kinks would get worked out. But I’m still getting them. Oh well. No harm, I guess.

Wing stubs still hurting. Took a clonazepam at bedtime last night. Woke up decidedly woozy. Careened off the bathroom door lintel and went through the morning in something of a daze. Hobkin gave me a “What’s wrong with you, woman?” look when I kept interrupting his breakfast preparation to go do one thing or another that I’d forgotten about in my post-sedated haze. I believe the error was in taking the full dose. I think from here on in, I’ll be chopping my tablets in half.

Writing Stuff:

– Forgot that my “Caught Between a Twofold Way” story was due up at Critters this week. Coolness. I suspect it won’t get as much lovin’ as others of my works due to its length. We’ll see.
– Did a final pass over the IROSF cyberpunk article and booted it out. Hope it meets with approval.
– Completed my review of this week’s Sci-Fiction story and launched it at ye olde editor.
– Received a request from Leading Edge to do some more tweaking on “Of Two Minds in Lanais.” There’s positive references (*gasp*) to drug use in my story that they asked me to “tone down” so as not to offend their sponsors. Well, it is Brigham-Young’s publication, after all. I was a bit perplexed as to how to do as they requested since the drug in question is a pivotal feature of the story. But I did my best. Erm.

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