Macbeth, Dark Bunny, Hobkin thinks I’m scary

Hobkin woke me up at 6:30 this morning, rather insistent that he was starving, wasting away, a mere skeleton of himself. He needed food. So, cold and sleepy, I fixed his breakfast. Was he grateful? Content? No, of course not. He snarfed down his food and ran amok through the house, stomping at shadows, and trying his damnedest to get himself stuck in a corner behind one of the chairs in our sitting room where he’s gotten himself trapped before and had to be rescued. I’d wrapped a blanket around myself for warmth and came to warn him away from such foolhardy action, and me and the blanket must have looked like some scary, skunk-devouring apparition. His tail fluffed straight up, and he charged me, stomping with all his might. I burst into laughter, and affronted, he bounded away.

All that excitement tuckered him out. He’s now napping under the hutch, and I’m wide away. Typical.

Went to see Macbeth at the Shakespeare Tavern last night. It wasn’t as strong a performance as we’ve come to expect from them. The actors actually flubbed their lines a couple times, and the lines themselves seemed under-presented. The people at the table beside us hadn’t ever read Macbeth or this was the first time they’d seen it done (or both). They kept reading the synopsis page and trying to figure out what was going on. In the final scene where MacDuff reveals that he was “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped,” that line which I always expect as a big moment, full of heightened fear and drama, was sort of lost. Oh well. Can’t always have transcendentally wonderful performances there.

Next month they’re doing “The First Original Miniseries” – Richard II, Henry IV pt 1, Henry IV pt 2, and Henry V. It’s quite an ambitious undertaking. Fortunately, the run goes into December, so we’ll get to see two of them with our club membership. We’re thinking of opting to see the Henry IVs.

Also went shopping yesterday. Picked up a pair of black bunny ears. In an email conversation with dude_the, he provided me the inspiration for what I’m going to dress up as for Halloween:

Me: The universe isn’t fair, and there’s no such thing as Karma, but it’s a pretty idea. I like the idea that really horrible people who do cruel, terrible things to animals might one day (hopefully soon) get their comeuppance.

dude_the: And with such words a vigilante was born. Nimbly hopping across the Atlantian rooftops in a black cat-suit and black mask, she was the last line of defense for all things fluffy, cute, or generally unable to defend themselves from the maliciousness of man. And, when that defense failed, she was cold, cruel vengeance. She was…the DARK BUNNY!

Heeheehee. I’m going to be DARK BUNNY! Got me a black cat-suit and black vinyl corset, a little black vinyl half cape, and now my coup des gras, bunny ears! Fun.

We actually swung by the Build-a-Bear workshop when we were out. And I cooed and giggled at the adorable costumes. Started thinking about getting one of them to subject Hobkin to for Halloween. Still dwelling on that. The one I was seriously conteplating is a cute pumpkin outfit. I think it might be more doable than some of the others because it’s just a puffy elastic pullover sort of get-up. Not much in the way of sleeves to contend with. I’m evil for even contemplating it, aren’t I?

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3 Responses to Macbeth, Dark Bunny, Hobkin thinks I’m scary

  1. mandelion says:

    i had a convo with about what to be. since i work as a computer nerd and i just chopped ALL my hair off, i am going to come in for a few hours as a computer nerd.

    the typical computer nerd – office space style. slicked back hair, horrid tie, pocket protector, etc.

  2. britzkrieg says:

    Went to see Macbeth at the Shakespeare Tavern last night. It wasn’t as strong a performance as we’ve come to expect from them.

    Thanks for posting this review. I was trying to get someone to go see this with me, but now it seems it might be best to pass. The Histories sound interesting, though.

  3. alijt says:

    All of my skunks are getting costumes for the show. I say put him in it and at least snap a quick pic cause I would love to see it!!!

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