Mildred Pierce

Had a fabu evening last night. glenn5 came over bearing Mildred Pierce on DVD and key lime pie! Matthew cooked up some yummy stir fry, and the vidfest commenced. Excellent dinner, excellent dessert, excellent company (we must do it again soon!). I could definitely see Curtiz’s influence, which is a good thing, although it was difficult empathizing with any of the characters as they were, for the most part, uniformly slimy. The dialogue was lustrous in places, though. Curious about the book now. Afterward, the menfolk chatted about the vagaries and idiosyncrasies of Film Noir while I squeezed a very snuggly Hobkin.

Surprising me, Hobkin didn’t stomp once at glenn5 even though he’d never met him before. Our fuzzbrain is getting very laid back. It’s a good thing.

Writing stats:
Finished the rewrite on the SF piece and sent the new version up to Critters to replace the original draft. Should be going up this week.

I read through my story in In the Outposts of Beyond. While I love the anthology, I’m a little disappointed with the editing. When I initially got my acceptance, the editor and I discussed a couple fixes to the text that I’d missed in my submission–just little typos–one that he’d identified and one that I’d caught upon re-reading. It was just a misspelling and a teeny punctuation fix, but they’re still there in the published version. I know I’m just being persnickety, but it bugs me. I was a little trepidatious about not getting galleys to proof, but since we’d discussed fixes, I assumed it would be taken care of. It looks like he took the file exactly as I submitted it and inserted it into the book.

Considering the length of time this project took, I really would have liked to have seen galleys.

Health stats:
I thought I’d gotten a handle on my meds and my emotional equilibrium, but I feel . . . glum this morning. And my insomnia has returned. My eyes burn and I’m exhausted, but I can’t fall back asleep.

Currently reading book 3 of Tanith Lee’s Secret Books of Venus series. Maybe I’ll bury my nose in escapist fantasy for a bit.

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