My eyes are bleary and red, but they won’t stay closed

Early morning insomnia. Ugh. Why can’t I sleep when I’m so tired? I’ve been awake for hours.

I’ve got Hobkin snoozing on my lap, which is very soothing. Maybe he’ll ooze fuzzy sleep vibes at me and I’ll be able to take a nap. We gave him a bath on Friday (which he was quite miffed with us about) and he’s all soft and fluffy now. Mmmm. Soft and fluffy squeezy skunk.

The play last night was very silly. Much laughter, yummy food, a very good time. After we got home, we popped in the DVD we got as a gift of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” I’d been avoiding watching it because I knew our play was coming up and didn’t want to ruin it. The performance was much better than the movie.

I’m up to nineteen critiques on Critters. And they’re still leaning heavily to the positive side. Yay. Got a couple “it’d be great if you could lengthen this part here, maybe tack on another 500 words” comments that leave me agonized as I’m already at the maximum marketable length for this sort of story. Argh.

Got an invite to join a private writers group by one of my regular critiquers. I’ve received several of them through Critters now, but this is the only one I’ve accepted. Their members are quite illustrious, including a couple editors and several pros. They still have to vote and confer on me, so it’s not a sure thing, but I think it’ll be a good fit.

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  1. oracne says:

    Congrats on the writing group! I hope it works out well for you.

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