Novel at First Draft But Printer Pushing Up the Daisies

Finished my last zero draft pass on the novel. In these several zero draft passes, I ended up adding approximately 1.8K words. The novel is now officially at first draft and ready for critique. Yay!

However, our trooper of a printer gave up the ghost several months back, and we’ve been limping along with a backup printer–accommodated somewhat by the cosmos which has not required us to print out many documents recently. But now, as I discovered after printing out the first thirty pages of Demon Queller, the backup printer is officially kaput as well.

Sigh. Time to buy a new printer.

Guess I should be grateful that our primary printer, an Epson Stylus inkjet, lasted for so long. Haven’t needed to get a new printer in around ten years; that’s a pretty decent run. But I’m irritated that we need to now.

So, any recommendations for a low-frills, low-maintenance, workhorse-esque inkjet? Otherwise, we’ll probably end up getting another Epson. (The backup was a Canon, and it was not a workhorse.)

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3 Responses to Novel at First Draft But Printer Pushing Up the Daisies

  1. Do NOT get a Lexmark…. 🙁

  2. Wade Watts says:

    Nothing like meeting a deadline!

  3. Jerry Maynor says:

    I just bought a new “work” printer today after 4 years. My old HP had stopped scanning reliably and was mis-feeding sometimes. I went with a Lexmark after being a dedicated HP guy for a decade for my business. It was a tough decision but the new Lexmark promises 1 cent per page printing ($5 for a cartridge) and a 5 year warranty. Not cheap – $160 after tax and a printer trade-in at Office Depot but I figure the cartridge payback period will be about 12 months.

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