Patrick and “The Storyteller’s Wife”

Our good friend Patrick drove up from New Orleans for a visit. He brought a slew of really awful movies with him to revel in and mock. He’s a film student at UNO and he and Matthew have been engaging in a lot of shop talk and film gabbing. My head is filling up with cinema trivia and theory.

Writing Stuff

Thanks to ogre_san, I went out to the Realms of Fantasy website, and saw that my story “The Storyteller’s Wife” is going to be in the June issue. Yay yay yay! My second appearance in RoF. Can’t wait to receive my contrib. copies!

Also heard from the editor of the Revenant anthology that it will debut April 9th (even though it has a June 15th release date) at a Florida book fair. Much coolness.

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4 Responses to Patrick and “The Storyteller’s Wife”

  1. madwriter says:

    Sounds like you got your two RoF stories in just under the wire. 🙂

  2. Yay, Eugie!!

    ~Maggie 😀

  3. cricketshay says:

    It’s always exciting to see a writer’s hard work pay off. Congrats!

  4. wistling says:

    Congrats! I look forward to reading it.

    As for being under the wire at RoF, you’re very fortunate. I am still waiting on my YFoP of overstocked (YFoPoO?), and have moved RoF lower on my submissions list because of the change. The long response time (after passing through Carina) is also part of it – I will be moving in August, so there’s no point in sending paper SASEs anyway. I’m hoping there will be enough e-markets to submit stories to, until I’m settled elsewhere.

    (Right now I’d just be happy if I get more than 2 crits at Critters this week…sigh.)

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