Post VH Writing

After coming back from Van Helsing and downing a cup of French vanilla coffee, I managed 1000 new words on the SF piece. Ideas are cropping up, but I’m having a hard time getting them to translate well to the page. I think it’s the present tense. I’m inexperienced with doing present tense in prose, and I think it’s coming across as too disjointed.

Also, my review of “The Voluntary State” by Christopher Rowe in Sci-Fiction is up at Tangent.

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3 Responses to Post VH Writing

  1. alleypat says:

    Van Helsing and a cup of Senseo gave me some impetus as well 🙂 good for you

  2. fetishpunk says:

    I often find that present tense enables me to work quicker, I think because I’m putting myself in the position of a character more than with third person. It does make it tricky if you have to write from a number of perspectives though …

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