Preliminary Test Results In and Preliminary Cancer Staging

Results from the lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy came back. Both were clean. So much whew, there!

The PET scan data came back, too, but is still undergoing a full/comprehensive evaluation. The preliminary review indicates no lymphoma involvement below my diaphragm, but possible lymphoma presentation in my chest–although if that’s the case, it’s relatively minimal.

So currently, based on these test results, my doctor believes my lymphoma to be at Stage IIE (“E” indicating “extranodal,” as the primary tumor is outside of a lymph node system).

We’re still waiting on the results of the surgical biopsy–which involves a chromosomal mapping to further identify the type of large B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma I have–in order to establish my treatment roadmap. The delay appears to be due to cultures actually having to be grown.  (Sigh.) Hoping these result will be in by my appointment on Tuesday. If so, we may begin treatment as soon as Thursday.

I hope so. My current pain management regimen has been getting less and less effective, and the tumor is now causing a significant amount of gum swelling and consequent pressure on an upper molar such that the tooth is now loose. I’m hoping I won’t have to lose it.

Still, we’re making progress. It feels horribly slow, but there’s nothing to do  but continue waiting.

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25 Responses to Preliminary Test Results In and Preliminary Cancer Staging

  1. Rachel Helie says:

    I’m thinking of you so often these days. Strength, sister. I send mine with you.

  2. indeed — thinking of you and hoping and praying and even doing a chicken dance – whatever it takes

  3. So much love to you, dear Eugie. This is such a scary thing. I am sending you all my fairies and their lucky magic dust…and even more love. *hugs*

  4. By the way, you have a great looking website.

  5. I’m definitely keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Sending much love and strength to you.

  6. :: calls Engineering for more power to the Hang-In-There-Eugie ray ::

  7. This is good news so far, Eugie Foster. Hope they can soon get that tumor out of your way.

  8. Janice Clark says:

    So far, so good–or at least not as horrible as it could have been. I hope all the data is gathered and treatment can start soon. Waiting is the pits, especially when the pain meds aren’t sufficient to let you float on a fluffy pink cloud.

  9. Jeri Klein says:

    Good news indeed! *raises glass of antioxidant smoothie* cheers!

  10. Amy Herring says:

    Loving the good news!

  11. Sending every ounce of love and strength your way! Still here if you need anything…a ride, an ear to listen, a girl to shoe shop with! ANYTHING!

  12. Mega hugs and positive mojo coming your way.

  13. Thinkin’ about you every day, Eugie. As someone who’s done the cancer dance, a lot of what you’ve said resonates with me. Sending prayers and lots o’ love your way! *big hugs*

  14. Scott Hancock says:

    good news.

  15. Many gentle huggles…

  16. Sorry you have to go through this, Eugie. I’m pulling for you. As are we all.

  17. Tina Grace says:

    So glad for the good news in this. Hope you get remaining results soon!! Hang in there, sweetie! <3

  18. E Krock says:

    Your patience and fortitude are inspiring. Hang in there!

  19. Sounds like positive news! And yeah, the waiting has to really suck.

  20. Wish that things would get better — and quickly!

  21. WOOT! for the positive news. Keep on truckin’, you’ll make it. 🙂

  22. So glad you’re getting some good news! You can do this, Eugie! Mind over body. I know you can do this.

  23. Don says:

    Fingers crossed here for a good outcome to the biopsy and a clear path for your treatment Eugie:)

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