Prepping for Nebula Weekend and Writing Progress

Nebula Weekend is this weekend. Geez, it totally snuck up on me. I blame Georgia’s extended legislative session for throwing me so off. With fosteronfilm working as a census taker and not having the time to handle all the domestic stuff for the next couple months, this is a really crappy year for the legislators to have dragged session out a @#%^&! month longer. Wasn’t initially going to take tomorrow off, but I think I’m going to have to in order to pack and get assorted pre-trip stuff taken care of before heading down to Florida.

Started checking compulsively, hoping the weather holds for Friday’s scheduled shuttle launch. It looks to be a lovely weekend temperature-wise—partly cloudy and in the 70s and low 80s—but they’re predicting a 10% chance of rain on Friday and 20% chance on Saturday. Don’t know at what point the weather requires the NASA folks to postpone a launch.

Writing Stuff

New words:
+1K and -700 on “Rampion,” and the missing “bad stuff happens here, insert” section is done. Still dancing the line between novelette and novella.

Technically speaking, the story’s very close to zero draft since it’s now done save for the denouement. Except I did a 180 on a rather integral plot element, right smack dab in the middle, so now the beginning and the end have a continuity misalign. Now I have to figure out what I want to do about it: stick with my first concept or rewrite to incorporate the new one. Hmm.

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