Session 2008 Day 31.5: Atlanta weather and return of the prodigal laptop

The tornado was a nonevent for us. Didn’t even realize one had ripped through downtown Atlanta until we got calls from fosteronfilm‘s mother worried about our safety. Up north where we are, we got dark skies and thunderstorms, but no twister action. The hail on Saturday was a bit more dramatic, but we seem to have withstood that without any damage, too.

And, my laptop’s back, my laptop’s back! Yay! It languished for over a month in the shop, and in that time my organizational system fell into total disarray. My to-do list reached profoundly scary proportions, and after I finished re-loading my system and trying to sort through my emails, I’d flagged nearly 100 emails as “needs response.”

While I had a back-up system to work on and check email from while my VAIO was gone, it’s a huge behemoth of a machine that I can’t easily transport back and forth on the train. Plus, it doesn’t have the battery life that my ultra-portable VAIO does, making it useless by midday. So I ended up leaving it at home and checking email from a browser interface at work—and therefore not having my address book or sent history or received archives at hand. And without a main system as the hub repository for all my data, I ended up accumulating duplicates and putting off items or having information scattered across multiple systems in different versions. What a mess.

But my laptop’s back home now, and I’ve been wading through the pile-up. As of this morning, I’m down to 60 emails flagged, and my files are more or less synced up. Whew. I’m worried that some stuff may have gotten lost in the cracks; I tried to err on the side of duplication rather than deletion, but then I tried to keep the duplicates manageable and…glargh. I hope to have everything shipshape by the end of this week, legislature obliging, of course.

I missed my little VAIO. A lot.


Writing Stuff

• 125-day SALE of “The Better To…” to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, slated for #38—which I believe will be their October issue.
• 91-day very glowing and personal rejection from Space & Time. It got held until the final round, but…sigh.
• Contract from Drabblecast for “The Tiger Fortune Princess.”
• Payment from Realms of Fantasy for “Daugher of Bótù,” which I believe will be coming out in their next (June) issue.

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4 Responses to Session 2008 Day 31.5: Atlanta weather and return of the prodigal laptop

  1. weswilson says:

    I know you’re busy, but you were actually the first person I thought of when Pam and I decided that a humorous poetry slam at Frolicon might be fun. If you have some time and get some ideas for some meta-performance art, I’d love to snap my fingers to your work.. 🙂

    See ya this weekend….

  2. ogre_san says:

    Congrats on the sale, but sorry about all the sturm und drang with the laptop.

  3. mouseferatu says:

    Very glad you folks are okay. 🙂

  4. dean13 says:

    Yea! No tornado or wind damage. This is the year of disasters: fires, droughts, and tornadoes. Not to mention the widespread damage caused by campaigning politicians.

    Yea! You got a sale and finally got a payment for a previous sale. Getting paid for making art or telling stories is so cool.

    Yea! You got your laptop back. Now that my laptop is off warranty, it has decided to die. Stupid laptops!

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